Imran Khan: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan issued permits to Saudi Crown Prince for Houbara bustard hunting

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, burdened with billions of dollars in debt from Saudi Arabia, has authorized Prince Mohammed bin Salman to make “Ayyashi” in his country. The Imran government has approved the hunting of internationally protected Hubrao or Tilor birds to Saudi Prince Mohammed bin Salman and two other members of his royal family. Pressure from Prince Mohammed bin Salman is that Imran Khan’s government also allowed a fugitive Saudi prince to be hunted down, who did not pay the fees last year.

Imran ‘negotiates’ Pakistan bird sanctuary

Pakistani newspaper Dawn quoted sources as saying that aside from Prince Mohammed bin Salman, two other people who were allowed to drive out Hubrao are also fugitives. Members of this fugitive Saudi royal family have not paid a fee even after hunting in Pakistan last year. It is said that these three people were given special areas for hunting in Balochistan and Punjab. The Saudi prince’s name is at the bottom of this list of poachers, who are now the true kings of Saudi Arabia. Hubrao birds found in Central Asian countries are taking refuge in Pakistan to escape the cold, and now the Imran government has again struck a deal with the Saudi prince to kill the lives of these innocent people.

Imran had protested before becoming PM, now authorized

The government of Imran Khan invited hunters from Arab countries to hunt. The number of Hubara birds is decreasing very rapidly and hunting is prohibited not only in the world but also in Pakistan. According to sources, when Imran Khan was not in power, he opposed allowing Hubarao bird hunting and did not allow hunting in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa where his party was leading. However, now Imran Khan has overturned his decision and allowed the Saudi prince to hunt the Hubrao birds. Dawn said Prince Fahd bin Sultan, the governor of Tabuk province, had also obtained the clearance.

Imran government will fill the treasury with murder of innocent people

Prince Fahd hunted 2,000 Hubaro birds a few years ago and made headlines around the world. Not only that, Prince Fahd failed to pay the one lakh dollar fee required for the Hubrao bird hunt last year. Not only that, Prince Fahd failed to pay the required 60 thousand dollar fee for using 60 eagles last year. After the Hubrao hunt, Prince Fahd returned to Saudi Arabia without paying any fees. Prince Fahd’s Dadagiri’s Alam is that he hunted 2000 Hubaro birds when he was only allowed to hunt 100 birds. Pakistan’s Balochistan province earns at least 2 billion rupees per hunting season.

The pride of the princes of Saudi Arabia in Pakistan

Earlier in 2014, a Pakistani court banned the export and eagle hunting of Hubrau, its relations with Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates fell into the abyss. After strong tensions, the Pakistani government bowed. The Hubarao or Tilor bird is shy but extremely beautiful and looks like a fit turkey bird. For more than four decades, Pakistan has invited senior officials in Arab countries to hunt with the help of the falcon. The Imran government gave this permission to the Saudi prince at a time when Saudi Arabia demanded repayment of the remaining $ 2 billion, while the United Arab Emirates banned visas for Pakistanis. Large number of Pakistani citizens live in UAE and send money. Previously, the Imran Khan government had authorized 150 rare eagles for export to the Vice President of the United Arab Emirates and the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

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