Imran Khan: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan Sri Lanka visits Latest Hindi News Mahinda Rajapaksa Relations: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan arrived in Colombo, the capital of Sri Lanka, Mahinda Rajapaksha greeted

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Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan arrives in Sri Lanka via Indian airspace; Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa welcomed the breach of protocol at the airport
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan reached Colombo on his first visit to Sri Lanka via Indian airspace. Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa arrived at the airport breaking protocol to receive him at the airport. India is attentive to this great welcome of Imran Khan in Sri Lanka. Upon arriving in Colombo, Imran Khan also attempted to woo Sri Lanka by remembering the Mahatma Buddha.

Bilateral meeting with Sri Lankan Prime Minister
Since arriving in Colombo, Imran Khan has also held a bilateral meeting with Sri Lankan Prime Minister Mahinda Rajapaksa. Meanwhile, there was a discussion between the two leaders on various issues such as trade, investment, health, education, agriculture, science and technology in addition to defense and tourism. cultural. Imran Khan is the first head of state to visit Sri Lanka after the Kovid-19 outbreak. Khan will also hold a meeting with President Gotabaya Rajapaksa here.

Courting Sri Lanka by remembering the Mahatma Buddha
During the meeting, remembering Gautam Imran Khan Buddha cried cries of terrorism. He said Pakistan and Sri Lanka both face the problem of terrorism. Tourism in both countries has battled terrorism and now the corona virus has become a major challenge. He said I invite the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka to visit Pakistan for the legacy of the greatest Buddha. However, Imran Khan forgot to mention that the story of Buddha in his country has been forgotten. Many historical statues of Buddha have been radicalized.

Imran Khan will also participate in a joint trade and investment conference in Colombo aimed at increasing trade and investment between the two countries. During this visit, several agreements will also be signed to strengthen bilateral cooperation.

Imran went to Sri Lanka before becoming Prime Minister
This is Khan’s first visit to Sri Lanka since taking office as Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2018. Previously, he came to Sri Lanka in 1986, when he was captain of the Pakistani cricket team . Meanwhile, in the series of test matches, he accused local referees of bias. This is the first Sri Lankan visit by a Pakistani prime minister after Nawaz Sharif visited Sri Lanka in 2016.

Sri Lanka canceled Parliament’s speech
Ahead of Imran Khan’s visit, the Sri Lankan government canceled the schedule for his proposed speech to the joint session of parliament last week. The government cited the Kovid-19 outbreak as the reason for doing so. It is said that Khan’s program included addressing Parliament at the request of the Pakistani government. The speech was due to take place on February 24.

Imran Khan’s plane to reach Sri Lanka directly without cutting, India approves use of airspace
Pakistani media accuse India
Pakistani newspaper Dawn had cited Sri Lankan media reports that some elements of the Sri Lankan government did not want the speech to take place because they feared it would affect the country’s (Sri Lanka) relationship with India. and that caused to those already strained with the cancellation of the agreement on the Eastern container terminal at the port of Colombo.

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