Imran Khan phone hack: Pakistan asks UN to investigate Imran Khan phone hack

Pakistan has approached the United Nations for spying on Prime Minister Imran Khan with Pegasus spyware. Pakistan alleges that India was spying on numerous leaders, including Imran, through this hacking software from Israel. Pakistan’s foreign ministry said on Friday it had asked relevant UN bodies to investigate the matter.

India accused of spying on Imran
The Pakistani Foreign Ministry said we have recently taken note of international media reports which revealed that the Indian government is carrying out an organized spy operation against its citizens, foreigners and Prime Minister Imran Khan using spyware. of Israeli origin. Pakistan strongly condemns the continued and widespread state-sponsored surveillance and espionage operations across India.

Poison spat again on RSS-BJP
Making serious allegations, Pakistan said the Indian government is monitoring the voices of opponents. While spitting venom over Kashmir, Pakistan once again chanted the old tune of human rights violations. The Foreign Ministry said the RSS-BJP regime is making constant efforts to disseminate propaganda against Pakistan.

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Pakistan wants to investigate the UN
Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry said given the seriousness of the reports, Pakistan calls on relevant UN bodies to thoroughly investigate the matter, reveal the facts and hold India to account. . He also said that we are closely monitoring the whole matter.

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China also condemned espionage
China has also condemned the Pegasus spy exercise. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian said of the revelation that while it is true, China strongly condemns it. He said all countries should work on the basis of mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit and engage in dialogue and cooperation to respond to threats.

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A major media investigation has uncovered evidence of the use of malware by governments around the world. It also includes allegations of espionage of prominent people. An investigation of nearly 50,000 telephone numbers revealed that more than 1,000 people in 50 countries were reportedly monitored through the Pegasus software. The software was developed by the Israeli company NSO Group and sold to various governments. Those monitored included journalists, politicians, government officials, directors general and well-known human rights activists.

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