Imran Khan: PIA will not serve mineral water to domestic passengers

Pakistani state-owned airline PIA has decided not to provide bottled mineral water for in-flight passengers. This decision will only be applicable on domestic flights. People leaving Pakistan will continue to benefit from the same facilities as before. It is said that due to the Corona outbreak, the financial situation of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has become worse than the economy of the country.

Notification issued by the PIA
PIA Manager Flight Services has issued a notification stating that half-liter bottles of mineral water will not be provided to passengers on state-run PIA domestic flights. In addition, if a passenger requests water during the flight, the cabin crew will provide them with water in the glass. The flight crew will provide the report on the implementation of the new instruction through the logbook. This ordinance was also implemented with immediate effect.

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Instructions have been issued to give bottled water
According to the Express Tribune report, earlier on March 25, the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) had banned providing water to passengers on domestic flights to prevent the crown from spreading. In accordance with the notification from DG CAA, disposable water bottles will be provided to passengers to ensure their safety. These bottles must have been placed on each seat before boarding.

After China, the IMF, now the World Bank … Imran’s “poor Pakistan” has again contracted a loan of Rs 32 billion
False pilots in PIA
Pakistani state airline PIA is full of bogus pilots. We are not saying it, but the Minister of Civil Aviation of Pakistan himself has said so. Civil Aviation Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan, when presenting the investigation report to Parliament after the Karachi plane crash in 2020, said 40% of PIA’s pilot licenses were bogus. There are a total of 860 commercial pilots in Pakistan. The minister said the pilots tested had been recruited before Imran Khan’s government took office.

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Imran drowns Pakistan in debt
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan took out a $ 442 million loan from the World Bank in May itself to improve the country’s economic situation. This amount of debt in Indian rupees amounts to more than 32 billion rupees. There is already a debt of Rs 1 lakh 75,000 on every Pakistani citizen. In such a situation, Imran Khan seems to be on the road to deepening the country’s fleet by taking new loans.

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Pakistan has already taken out a loan of 130 billion rupees
From January to March of this year, Pakistan took out a loan of around Rs 130 billion from the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank. In March itself, the IMF announced a loan of 500 million dollars (36,22,37,00,000 Rs) to Pakistan. After which a new loan of $ 1.3 billion was agreed between Pakistan and the World Bank this month.

Now that poor Pakistan has reached the IMF’s door, Imran Khan has asked for $ 500 million
1 lakh 75,000 loan on each Pakistani
Pakistan is taking this loan at a time when the Imran Khan government recently admitted to the Parliament of Pakistan that now every Pakistani now has a debt of Rs 1 lakh 75,000. In this, the contribution of Imran Khan government is Rs 54,901 , or 46% of the total loan amount. Pakistanis’ debt burden has increased over the past two years. That is, when Imran took power from Pakistan, every citizen of the country had a debt of Rs 1,2009.

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