imran khan pm modi letter: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan writes to Narendra Modi: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan writes a letter to Narendra Modi

On Pakistan’s National Day, Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi wrote a letter congratulating Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, to which Imran has now responded. While writing a letter, Imran spoke of peace with all countries, including India, and also raised the issue of Kashmir. Apart from this, Imran sent good wishes to the Indian people for the battle with Corona.

Thank you for the congratulations on Pakistan Day. The Pakistani people celebrate this day by paying tribute to the vision and prudence of national decision-makers, who dreamed of a free and sovereign country where they would realize their full potential while remaining independent. The Pakistani people want peace and cooperation with all neighboring countries, including India.

Letter from PM Modi to Imran Khan: Modi congratulated Imran on Pakistan Day, made suggestion, read entire letter
“We are confident that India and Pakistan will solve all problems, especially the dispute over Jammu and Kashmir, for peace and stability in South Asia. It is necessary to create an environment conducive to positive and reconciliation ”.

“I would like to take this opportunity to wish the Indian people to fight to fight Kovid-19.”

Imran wrote a letter

Prime Minister Modi, with best wishes, also gave advice on the issue of terrorism. In this, he wished that India wishes a harmonious relationship with Pakistan. For this, the elimination of mutual trust and terror is necessary. Previously, after Imran Khan tested positive for Kovid, Prime Minister Modi also wanted him to recover soon.

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