Imran Khan speaks in Turkish French President Emmanuel Macron incites Muslims – Cartoon controversy of Prophet Imran Khan speaks in Turkish voice, French President incites Muslims

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In the ongoing dispute between Turkey and France over the cartoon of the prophet, Imran Khan Qudemiran said that the president of France had “ deliberately ” provoked Muslims, including citizens, before the president of Turkey advises the President of France to undergo a brain exam in Islamabad.
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has now jumped into the ongoing dispute between Turkey and France over the Prophet Mohammed cartoon. Pakistani prime minister said French President Emmanuel Macron was “ deliberately ” provoking Muslims, including his citizens. Previously, the new Pakistani president, Turkish President Tayyip Recep Erdogan, on Islamic fundamentalism, had advised the French president to do a brain check.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan tweeted on Sunday: “It is unfortunate that he (Macron) chose a path to promote Islamophobia, only then did he attack Islam instead of attacking terrorists.” Terrorists, whether Muslims, white supremacists, or Nazi views. He said that at that point the French president should try to bridge the wounds and not give way to extremists instead of promoting more polarization.

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Macros must be processed mentally: Erdogan
Imran Khan said that by attacking Islam without understanding it, the French president has hurt the feelings of billions of Muslims around the world. Earlier, Erdogan, president of Imran’s Turkey’s “ Friends ”, said in a speech in the central Turkish town of Kasseri, what is this man called Macron’s problem with Muslims and Islam? Macros must undergo mental processing.

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Erdogan added what can be said to a nation leader who does not understand freedom of religion. Also who behaves this way for the millions of people living in their country who are of a different religion. Fueled by the Turkish President’s statement, France recalled its Ambassador from Ankara. Macron’s office released a statement saying resentment and slurs are not a method. There are already tensions in Turkey and France over the Greek question. In such a situation, this inflammatory statement by the President of Turkey should worsen relations between the two countries.

Pakistan engaged in forming an Islamic bloc with Turkey
In the battle for Nagorno-Karabakh, Turkey and its backward Pakistan openly support Azerbaijan. Turkey wants to become the new Caliph of Muslims and Pakistan is trying to help it. In return, Pakistan gets support and many deadly weapons on many of the issues surrounding India, including Kashmir. Pakistan is in the process of taking a radar from Turkey, which will help it send terrorists to Kashmir. In the FATF, only Turkey supported removing Pakistan from the gray list.

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