Imran Khan supports China against Uyghur Muslims: vandalized mosques, brutal crackdown on Uyghur Muslims, says Imran Khan – China is doing right

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Imran Khan supported China’s repressive policies against Uyghur Muslims Pakistani prime minister said he agreed with Dragon’s continued policy in Xinjiang province.
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, who describes himself as the leader of the Muslim world, has supported China’s repressive policies against Uyghur Muslims. The Pakistani prime minister, who is poised to become an “economic slave” to China, said he agreed with Dragon’s policies against Muslims in Xinjiang province. Not only that, Imran also praised the dictatorial regime of the Communist Party of China and called it a better model than democracy.

Imran Khan made the statement during a conversation with Chinese media on Thursday. Imran Khan’s support for the Chinese crackdown comes at a time when human rights groups around the world are besieging China over the heinous crime committed against Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang. China has faced serious allegations of identity destruction of Uyghur Muslims here and mosque vandalism. In many images, the entire appearance of the mosques has changed.

The repression in China is like a “miserable hell”
A recent Amnesty International report said China’s crackdown in Xinjiang province amounts to “miserable hell”. He cited several eyewitnesses as saying that China had launched a massive campaign of brainwashing, harassment and destruction of the cultural identity of Uyghur Muslims. Regardless of reports from around the world, Imran Khan is satisfied with the measures taken by the Chinese government.

This is the same Imran Khan who raises his voice against Islamophobia in the world, but when it comes to the ruler of Pakistan, China, his mouth is shut. Imran Khan said of the Uyghurs: “What we are talking about with the Chinese authorities on Xinjiang, unlike the Western media and Western governments, the situation is emerging.

“We believe what is said about Uyghur Muslims in China”
The Pakistani Prime Minister said, “Since we have a strong relationship with China and our relationship is based on trust, we trust what has been said about Uyghur Muslims in China. We accept what he says about the program he runs in Xinjiang. Let us tell you, Pakistan calls China its iron brother. China has invested $ 60 billion in Pakistan through the CPEC project. Not only that, China has given loans to Pakistan from time to time. Dragon’s Pakistan is also building a naval base in Gwadar.

Imran Khan praises the Chinese dictatorship

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