Imran Khan: Turkey expels 40 Pakistanis again, regardless of Imran Khan’s friendship

Turkey, which has vowed to befriend Islam, has again expelled 40 Pakistanis from their country. It is said that these Pakistani citizens have been living illegally in different cities of Turkey for a long time. Turkey has returned these people to Islamabad. Earlier on April 1, 2019, Turkey also registered 47 Pakistani citizens for illegally staying in Islamabad.

Illegal Pakistani citizens sent to Islamabad
According to the Pakistani Media Express Tribune report, these people were sent to Islamabad by Turkey on a special flight. Food, clothing and shoes were provided to the deportees at Islamabad airport. The Pakistani authorities have also taken the help of two NGOs in this matter. The report states that these people were arrested by the anti-trafficking and smuggling of human beings (FIA) cell of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) of Turkey.

Pakistanis enter European countries illegally via Turkey
Pakistanis use Turkey to enter Europe illegally. Those arrested during this period are either deported or imprisoned. The Pakistani people are viewed with suspicion in European countries. So they keep trying to enter European countries through Turkey.

UNGA: Turkish President Erdogan again poisoned Kashmir and raised the hottest issue
Turkey supports Pakistan over Kashmir
Turkey supports Pakistan from Kashmir. On 2020 Eid ul Azha, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdo आन an, while conversing with Pakistani President Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Imran Khan, assured Turkey’s support for Kashmir. Erdogan again compared Kashmir to Palestine when he crossed the border. While the truth is that Erdo आन an, who is trying to teach democracy to India in Kashmir, is himself known in Turkey as a staunch Islamic dictator.

Turkey expels 51 Pakistani nationals, doesn’t care about Imran’s friendship
Turkey becomes the center of anti-Indian activities
Turkey has now become the second largest center of “anti-Indian activity” after Pakistan. According to the report by the English website Hindustan Times, unconditional Islamic organizations are receiving funds from Turkey in all parts of the country, including Kerala and Kashmir. The report quotes a senior government official as saying that Turkey is trying to dissolve radicalism among Muslims in India and recruit extremists. His effort is an attempt to extend his influence over South Asian Muslims.

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