Imran Khan: Turkish company raided Pakistan, explosive company told Imran government – Apologize immediately – Turkey calls for apology from Imran Khan government as Lahore police raids facility Turkish company

There was a ruckus after the police crackdown on a large Turkish company in Pakistan. Turkish society, one of Pakistan’s closest friends, asked the Imran government to apologize immediately. In fact, last Tuesday, police raided the Albayark & ​​Ozpac Group Company office in Lahore. The company alleges that during this period, the police forcefully beat some of its employees in custody.

The company asked the Imran government to apologize
After the raid, the project manager of the Albayark & ​​Ozpac group, Kegri Ojel, wrote a letter to the Pakistani government asking for an apology. He also warned that his company would not participate in any upcoming auctions if it did not immediately apologize to him. The Turkish company manages waste management in Lahore.

Turkish company accused of assaulting employees
The company alleges that Lahore riot police raided its six garages in the morning. During this time, the employees and managers of the company were kept on the road for many hours. Some employees were assaulted and Turkish employees were not allowed to take their personal belongings.

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Lahore police not taking revenge for the meeting?
This Turkish company is said to be in dispute with Lahore Waste Management Company (LWMC). A meeting was also held recently to resolve the dispute, attended by Lahore West Management Company President Malik Ali Amjad Noon, Ozpac CEO Nizametin Kokmage, Albayark Project Coordinator Cagri Ozel and several senior executives from the society. After that, the police took this action.

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Tension between two countries can increase
It is believed that due to this dispute, relations between Turkey and Pakistan may also be affected. The company is said to be close to Turkish President Rechap Tayyip Erdogan. In such a situation, if this company is mistreated in Pakistan, it will surely provoke the Turkish president. However, given the current political and strategic situation, it is extremely unlikely that Turkey will make a statement or act against its friend Pakistan.

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