Imran khan US intervention in Kashmir: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has again initiated mediation in Kashmir, said – America should take the initiative – Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan asks us again for intervention on the issue of Cashmere

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Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan once again raised the tone of mediation in Jammu and Kashmir, Imran Khan said the United States should arbitrate to resolve Kashmir’s dispute with India.
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan once again launched the slogan of mediation in Jammu and Kashmir. Imran said America should arbitrate with India to resolve the Kashmir dispute. India has consistently opposed this request from Pakistan. India asserts that the Jammu and Kashmir issue is bilateral and can only be resolved through mutual dialogue.

Imran Khan said in an interview broadcast on HBO that America should intervene in the Kashmir issue. Even before that, Imran Khan had called for US intervention to resolve the Kashmir conflict, which was accepted by then-US President Donald Trump. However, nothing special happened in this direction after India’s protest. Imran has admitted that current US President Joe Biden has yet to speak to him, but he will raise the Kashmir issue during a meeting between the two.

“There should be a plebiscite in Kashmir”
The Pakistani Prime Minister said: “America has a great responsibility because it is the most powerful country in the world. Our subcontinent has 1.4 billion inhabitants. We are being held hostage because of one problem, Kashmir. He said: “Kashmir is disputed territory according to the United Nations Security Council. There should be a plebiscite in Kashmir so that people can decide their future. It could never happen, which became a chancre. If the American people have the commitment and the determination, this can be resolved.

So far, no response has come from India to this request from Imran Khan. Previously, India had categorically rejected the request for any third party mediation in Kashmir. India considers Kashmir to be its integral part. Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, who often threatens India with nuclear bombs, said Pakistan would no longer need nuclear bombs if the Kashmir issue was resolved.

“Absolutely against nuclear weapons”
Regarding Pakistan’s rapidly growing nuclear weapons, Imran Khan said our nuclear bombs are only for our security. The Pakistani prime minister also said he had no specific information on the increase in nuclear weapons. Imran Khan said in an interview that aired on HBO: “As far as I know, it’s not an offensive thing. Any country whose neighbor is seven times the size will be worried. Imran Khan has also said he is absolutely against nuclear weapons. The Pakistani Prime Minister said: “I have always been against it. We have fought three times with India. Then we have nuclear weapons. No war has taken place with India since then.

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