Imran Khan: Video of attack on Hindu temple in Rahim Yar Khan village Bhong Imran Khan Tweet: Imran Khan expressed his grief by tweeting about attack on Bhong village temple in Rahim Yar Khan village

Prime Minister Imran Khan broke his silence after 24 hours after extremists attacked the Ganesh temple in Pakistan’s Punjab province. He strongly condemned yesterday’s attack on Ganesh temple by tweeting. Not only that, Imran Khan also promised that his government will also renovate this temple. Even before that, Imran Khan had promised to build a temple in Islamabad, but he broke his promise due to opposition from fundamentalists.

What did Imran Khan say?
Imran Khan tweeted and wrote: “Strongly condemn the attack on Rahim Yar Khan’s Ganesh temple in Bhong yesterday. I have already called on IG Punjab to ensure the arrest of all culprits and take action against any Police negligence The government will also renovate the temple.

Pak Supreme Court heard of the case
The Supreme Court of Pakistan has ordered the Chief Secretary of State of Punjab and the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to appear within 24 hours in the case. Now, the two top officials from the most efficient province in Pakistan will appear before the Supreme Court in Islamabad tomorrow, that is, on August 6. Pakistan Chief Justice Gulzar Ahmed on Thursday learned of an attack by an accused mob on a Hindu temple in the village of Bhong in the Rahim Yar Khan district of Punjab. The Chief Justice was informed of this attack by Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani, Pakistani deputy and patron of Pakistan Hindu Parishad.

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The Chief Secretary of the Punjab and the IGP summoned
The Supreme Court of Pakistan issued a statement saying that the chief justice expressed grave concern over this tragic incident. He settled the case in Islamabad court on August 6 (tomorrow) and ordered the Chief Secretary of the Punjab and the Inspector General of Police to come to the hearing with a report. Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani from the Hindu side has also been invited to appear in court, the statement said.

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So why did the fundamentalists attack?
It is claimed that this attack on the Hindu temple was carried out in protest against the bail given to a 9-year-old Hindu boy. The boy is said to have urinated in a local madrasa. After which hundreds of fundamentalists ransacked the Hindu temple of Bhong and blocked the Sukkur-Multan highway (M-5). Rangers were deployed throughout the area due to the situation late in the evening after District Commissioner Dr Khurram Shahzad and District Police Officer Asad Sarfaraz visited the town.

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The case was registered against the accused on July 25
According to the report, on July 25, Bhong police registered a complaint against the accused underage boy over the complaint of Hafiz Muhammad Ibrahim, a cleric from Darul Uloom Arab Taleemul Quran. In its FIR, the police had registered a complaint against the boy accused under Article 295-A (deliberate and malicious act aimed at outrageing the religious feelings of any class by insulting his religion or religious beliefs).

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Extremists incited the crowd to attack
Pakistani newspaper Dawn quoted sources as saying that some former Hindus apologized to the madrasa administration saying the suspect was underage and had a mental disability. But when a lower court granted him bail a few days ago on Wednesday, some people in the city urged the public to close all stores in protest. In a video clip that went viral on social media, a crowd of fanatics can be seen attacking the temple with rods and stones.

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