Imran Khan Virtual Climate Summit: Biden did not call Pakistan at climate change meeting; Imran, expressed his grief – Imran Khan expressed his grief on Twitter when Joe Biden failed to invite Pakistan to the virtual climate summit

Strong points:

Emraan cried on tweet for not being invited to the Climate Committee, Dukhdimran on Twitter counted Kamajo Biden, invited India to the climate summit but did not invite Pakistan to Islamabad
Imran Khan has openly expressed the pain of not being invited to Pakistan at the virtual climate summit of US President Joe Biden. He also conquered the pain made on the environmental protection social media platform Twitter in Pakistan by mourning his grief. At the same time, the United States limited the visit of John Carrey, the President’s special envoy on climate change, to India and Bangladesh, without giving Pakistan a boost.

Imran cried on Twitter
Imran Khan wept sadly, saying I am disturbed by the voices that have been raised for not being invited to the Climate Summit in Pakistan. My government’s environmental policy is governed by our commitment to future generations. We are committed to efforts to reduce the impact of climate change and to create a clean and green Pakistan.

7 years of experience
Not only that, Imran added that our Green Pakistan initiative includes planting 100 million trees, nature based solutions, cleaning up our rivers. We have gained extensive experience over the past 7 years in government management in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Our policies have been recognized and appreciated. We are ready to help any state wishing to learn from our experience.

People angry for not getting Biden’s invitation to Pakistan
According to Pakistani newspaper Dawn, many people are in disarray that Kerry is not coming to Pakistan and inviting Imran Khan to the climate change summit. People think this is a big setback for Pakistan. US South Asian affairs expert Mike Kugelman said: “First, Pakistan has not been invited to the White House Global Climate Change Summit.” Now, US climate envoy John Carrey is traveling to India and Bangladesh to discuss.

The conference will be held from April 22 to 23
The US State Department reported on Wednesday that Carrie discussed the issue ahead of the Leaders’ Climate Change Summit hosted by US President Joe Biden Biden between April 22-23 and the United Nations Climate Change Conference. (COP 26) later this year. those countries. Carrie tweeted, delighted to have meaningful discussions with friends in the Emirates, India and Bangladesh to tackle the climate crisis.

US President Biden gives Imran Khan a hard blow, John Carry will come to India, not Pakistan
Discussions on the fight against climate change with 40 leaders
US President Joe Biden has invited 40 world leaders, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to a leaders’ summit to discuss tackling climate change. The aim of this summit is to highlight the economic benefits and the importance of taking concrete action to combat climate change. The White House said last week that this would prove to be a milestone in the passage of the United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 26) to be held in November this year in Glasgow.

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