Imran Khan: ‘war’ between war, opposition and Imran government in Pakistan following FATF decision


The verbal war between the Imran Khan government and the opposition continues in Pakistan following the recent decision of the Financial Action Task Force. Opposition parties accuse Imran Khan of failing on the foreign front, while the government presents him as his victory. Two days earlier, the FATF expressed its dissatisfaction with Pakistan’s action against terrorist organizations and declared it to remain on the gray list until February 2021.

Pak government is pleased to be on the gray list

The Pakistan People’s Party, the Pakistani opposition, has called the government not to remain on the FATF gray list. The party has also demanded an explanation from the Imran Khan government on the matter. At the same time, the Pakistani government declared the consensus decision to remain on the gray list for four months as its diplomatic victory.

Opposition angry at Pakistani government negligence

The Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) alleged that the FATF decision was the result of negligence and apparently a lack of legal drafting work. PPP House Leader Sheri Rehman in the Pakistani Senate asked why government officials failed to do their homework on time? He said the news from FATF insiders was that there was manifest apathy in the drafting of the law.

Pakistan to remain on FATF gray list, Imran Khan will have to see and the bad days

Accused of crushing the opposition movement

Sherry Rehman lashed out at the government and asked why officials didn’t see it all in time. He was constantly busy suppressing the anti-opposition movement and that seems to be his only task. He said it appeared the government had failed to complete de facto FATF actions and that more than half of the exercises had been used to pass laws aimed at targeting the opposition.

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Pakistani minister congratulates him on remaining on gray list

The Minister of Industry and Production, Hammad Azhar, congratulated Pakistan on its inclusion on the FATF gray list. He wrote that Pakistani authorities worked day and night during the outbreak to ensure this outcome. This is the same minister who led the Pakistani delegation to the FATF virtual plenary. The opposition parties are also attacking this. Sherry Rehman said that while our country is still on the gray list, it is shocking to see ministers congratulating them.

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