Imran Khan’s Sri Lankan Parliament Speech Canceled Due To Fear Of India: Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan Wanted To Match Prime Minister Modi, Shocked Sri Lanka

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Imran Khan, who tries to surround Sri Lanka with the intention of encircling India, suffered a major setback, Colombo canceled Imran’s program to address the Sri Lankan Parliament, fearing the deterioration of relations with India. Hacolombo
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, who is attempting to surround Sri Lanka with the intention of encircling India, has received a heavy blow. Colombo has canceled Imran Khan’s program to address the Sri Lankan Parliament. According to Sri Lankan media reports, Sri Lanka has thrown water on Imran’s plans for fear of deteriorating relations with India. Earlier, Prime Minister Modi addressed the Parliament of Sri Lanka on March 13, 2015.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan also wanted to follow in Prime Minister Modi’s footsteps, according to the News in Asia report, but Sri Lanka took the excuse of the Corona virus and threw Imran Khan’s wishes in the mud. Previously, Imran Khan wanted to address Parliament on February 24 during his tour of Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka has said that due to the Corona virus outbreak in Colombo, they cannot ensure the presence of all MPs during Imran Khan’s speech in Parliament, so the program is postponed.
Sri Lanka hits India hard, quits Colombo port project
Sri Lanka feared Imran Khan’s ‘love’ in Kashmir
On the other hand, reliable unofficial sources have said that part of the government has objections to the Pakistani prime minister’s address in parliament. He feared it would spoil his relations with India. Sources claimed that Imran Khan could have raised the Kashmir issue during his speech in parliament. Sri Lanka has so far kept its distance from the Kashmir issue. If Imran Khan raised the Kashmir issue, it would have been difficult for Sri Lanka.

Not only that, Imran Khan allegedly tried to be equal to Prime Minister Modi by addressing Parliament. In view of all these threats, Sri Lanka canceled the program to address Parliament. As it stands, India’s relations with Sri Lanka are already strained due to the Colombo port terminal dispute. Let me tell a foreign leader that speaking to the parliament of another country is seen as a respectful lens. Imran wanted to capitalize on this but was shocked.

Sri Lankan Muslim leaders unhappy with Imran Khan’s visit
Gadgad is the Muslim leader of Imran Khan’s tour of Sri Lanka. He hopes that in his speech to Parliament, Imran Khan will also speak about the plight of Sri Lankan Muslims. Explain that in Sri Lanka, there is an order to burn Muslim patients who died from Corona virus infection instead of burying them. Sri Lankan Muslim leaders have consistently opposed this government order.

Pakistan donated arms in fight against LTTE
As part of the fight against the terrorist organization LTTE, Pakistan has supplied numerous weapons to the Sri Lankan army. It is claimed that the Sri Lankan military was only able to wipe out the LTTE with high-tech military equipment and intelligence support from Pakistan and China. In fact, during this period, the Sri Lankan military faced huge allegations of human rights violations, as a result of which many countries stopped the supply of arms to Sri Lanka.

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