In 2021, 75,000 visited us, five times more than the British


Publication: Tuesday, April 6, 2021 12:27

The vast majority of tourists this year 2021 are of French origin. This is reflected in data from the National Institute of Statistics, which shows how travelers from the Gallic country preceded the Germans, the British and the Americans.

In fact, according to INE information, this is an unusual event. France is not historically the country that has sent the most tourists to Spain, not even in recent history: for example, in January of last year there were 714,288 tourists from the United Kingdom compared to 481 062 of this territory. But over the months of the pandemic, the numbers have varied, to the point that in August 2020, for example, 800,000 of them arrived in Spain.

France is a “top 3” story, generally behind the UK and Germany. But in this 2021, when tourism has suffered a new collapse – only in February the arrival of tourists was reduced by 93.6% – the figures are very different: France is doubling Germany, the second by the queue, and even five times the UK, the country with the most frequent travelers to Spain.

Canary Islands, Catalonia and Madrid, favorite destinations

The data proposed by the INE are particularly relevant given the controversies that have arisen in recent weeks in the Community of Madrid, where restrictions have been visibly more lax than in other places. Above all, by comparing it to France, which closed all the hotel industry between January and February.

Also, dated February, data on tourist movements at the INE borders show that 8,500 tourists arrived in the capital during this month. But, as has happened in other years, Madrid is not the preferred region for tourists, but the third (at least at the beginning of the year). Before the Canary Islands and Catalonia; However, it is striking to see in what position the Balearic Islands have been relegated, where in two months they have received barely 28,000 tourists.

The first position concerns the Canary Islands, which managed to gather 160,849 travelers between January and February, in data which, if we look at the historical data, are devastating: just a year before the archipelago receives 1.1 million tourists. With these figures, the serious crisis that has shaken this sector for a year continues.

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