In 2021, increase the hiring of detective services

For most people, participating in a trial is not a daily concern, or at least not part of the daily routine, so they don’t tend to be very interested in these matters. For other people, lawsuits can be something that should be avoided at all costs and lead to swift negotiations in any way, in part because of the annoying court paperwork involved in a proceeding, like statements, court appearances, mountains of paperwork. , electronic data and the fees of lawyers and notaries. But when the person or his company is harmed, or even goes further, if the well-being of employees, shareholders or customers is in danger, in these cases there is only one solution and that ‘ is to go to court and protect both their own interests and their interests. those of its customers, suppliers or all those who depend on the activity of the company.

2021 will bring a notable increase in litigation

2021 will see a noticeable increase in the hiring of detective services, if the impending economic crisis and the difficult situation of companies are taken into account, labor and civil litigation will skyrocket, and many companies will turn to detectives for be able to get the evidence they need.

Go to trial yes, but with the proof of a private investigator

In a trial, in addition to legal coverage, as involved in hiring a good law firm, the involvement of another professional is also necessary, which is not very often taken into account. matters but which is decisive. This is the private detective, who, far from the stereotypes attributed to this profession: “Detectives are professionals with complete and specific university training to obtain evidence. This professional is generally hired before a trial is carried out, to obtaining judicial evidence which sufficiently supports those private facts or behaviors of particular importance in the request or in opposition to it “.

The professional, after an adequate assessment of the client’s need and the legitimacy of the order, offers services which may become of crucial importance in the outcome of the trial.

Private detectives are particularly useful in cases of commercial fraud. An officer, employee, supplier, shareholder or competitor can do great harm, especially if he performs dishonest activities that are contrary to the company. As a lawyer pronounces the lawsuits and the justice system begins to function, money can continue to be lost, trade secrets or confidential information can be disclosed or sold, and incriminating emails can be suppressed. For this reason, the job of private investigators can be essential in taking immediate action. Not only by obtaining video evidence or possible evidence that cannot be repeated, but they bring it back in a full report that can allow immediate action by the judge.

Investigations related to social media profiles are a field of action where private investigators prove to be experienced in obtaining evidence legally supported by a private security law that regulates activity and, in turn, in-depth knowledge of related legislation. with the protection of personal data. Although the most characteristic are follow-ups and surveillance in order to follow the activities of salespeople or representatives, or to control the activity that a worker could carry out on sick leave due to a temporary incapacity.

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