In 2021, we might see Xbox apps on TVs

Microsoft’s Xbox platform is a service that reaches almost every connection point over the Internet. The simplest version is to acquire an Xbox console as an entertainment center. But the platform is also on iOS, Android, and the web.

Xbox wants to be on all TVs

Of course, you might be thinking that “But I can’t use xCloud on iOS” and you would be right. As of today, you cannot access the service. Although this obstacle will probably be overcome next year. But even without xCloud on iOS, you can still access your Xbox ecosystem (friends lists, messages, clips, etc.) from iOS.

The missing component in the equation is bringing xCloud directly to the TV without the need for a console or dongle. While we don’t know all the details yet, Phil Spencer has said he believes the ‘Xbox’ apps will be on TV within 12 months.

Considering Phil runs the entire Xbox organization, that’s probably more of a fact than a goal. And if you consider that Microsoft and Samsung already have a close partnership on the smartphone side of the market. Bringing a native Xbox app to Samsung TVs seems like a logical step.

Today, almost all TVs have internet connectivity, Bluetooth support, and enough processing power to run 4k HDR streams, which means xCloud can, in theory, run on these. devices. Just as we see “ Apple ” apps on smart TVs, hopefully we will see Xbox apps soon in the very near future.

The interview is worth reading if you want to understand how Microsoft views the Xbox as a business and how to build consoles. For example, they didn’t start mass production of consoles until late summer. They make more X’s than S’s, and the demographics of those playing console games are getting older, not younger.

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