in a limited space, with a seated audience and half the capacity

Publication: Friday, December 4, 2020 09:58

The Community of Madrid has announced a series of “temporary and exceptional” measures against the coronavirus which will be published this Saturday, December 5 and will last until January 8, coinciding with Christmas.

These measures include restrictions on kings’ parades and other Christmas events. Thus, as announced this Friday by the Deputy Minister of Public Health, Antonio Zapatero, Christmas parades and concerts on the public highway can only be held in limited enclosures, with the public seated, and without being able to exceed 50 % of capacity.

To questions from the press, the director of public health, Elena Andradas, clarified that the kings’ parades are not prohibited, which can take place on public roads, although “in a limited area”.

Additionally, Andradas confirmed that “there can be parade mobility in this open but limited public space”, so they should not necessarily be static.

Exceptional measures

On the other hand, Zapatero announced that events to celebrate the 12 bells of New Year’s Eve will not be able to be organized in the plazas and public roads in the region and that city councils must take measures to avoid crowds.

These are all the measures that the Community of Madrid announced this Friday and which will be extended to Christmas:

– Agglomerations: municipal councils must adopt measures to control the capacity in roads and public spaces in which a large influx of people is expected.

– New Year’s Eve chimes: events to celebrate the 12 New Year’s Eve chimes cannot be organized in squares or on public roads.

– Recreational activities: the granting of new authorizations for the celebration of recreational activities requiring authorization from the Community or the Town Halls is provisionally suspended.

– Parades: the parades of kings and Christmas concerts in the public highway can only be organized in limited areas, with the public seated and the capacity cannot exceed 50%.

– Nurseries: nurseries and living nurseries can only be set up in enclosures limited to 50% of their capacity and respecting the safety distance.

– External markets will reduce their capacity to 50% during this period.

– Tourist accommodation: Holders of rural tourism accommodation or houses for tourist use will be responsible for complying in their establishments with preventive measures against COVID-19, as well as for monitoring compliance with meeting limits.

– Skiing: being an outdoor practice, if access controls, safety distance and measures for the hotel industry are maintained, the Community understands that winter sports can continue

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