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Most of it Carlos lives near Pamiers. While walking in this area on the weekend of May 22nd, he saw about thirty vultures in a field. These birds of prey pose a real threat to farmers and their animals.

“It’s rare to see vultures near houses,” says Carlos, a farmer from Ariège. Two weeks ago, on the weekend of May 22nd, he saw a horde of birds of prey in Basse Ariège near Pamiers. “I saw it exactly in the direction of the Lèze valley. When I discovered her, I started filming. After a while I stop. They then landed on another field, in the direction of Pailhès, a little further away, ”he explains.

The latter is of Spanish origin and used to seeing her in his homeland. Also in Ariège, but in the high mountains. This time the birds of prey have moved closer to the houses. For the Chamber of Agriculture, the explanation seems clear. “You came here because there was no or very little ascent in the summer. These are animals that feed on carrion. You get as close to the animals as possible, ”they emphasize. Every year vultures kill several cattle or sheep. Mainly young or already injured animals. They manage to “easily catch calves or lambs with their claws”.
In Ariège, vultures are increasingly attacking fragile animals.

No compensation for farmers in case of attack

Despite a number of losses, farmers are not being compensated. There is also no insurance for a reason for attack by these birds of prey. However, vultures are not an epiphenomenon, even if they are not the number one predator in the Ariège.
In 2014, the prefecture issued an order permitting tentative blank firing for a year. At this point the attacks were already being recorded in Basse Ariège. In May 2017, the Toulouse Administrative Court ruled to repeal this three-year-old decree.

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