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The essentials The actor Abraham Poincheval was locked in a box for almost 72 hours, which was set up in the playground of the college Gisèle-Halimi in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis). There the artist could observe his external environment.

He is used to the tricks of the genre: after crossing Brittany on foot in knight armor, after being locked in a stone block for a week, the French artist Abraham Poincheval isolated himself in a three meter high, two meter long box and barely two feet wide for 72 hours.

End of the performance for the artist Abraham Poincheval at the Hochschule Gisèle Halimi in Aubervilliers! With the artistic 1% we want to bring art closer to the students so that they become aware of it early on ud83c udfa8

– Stéphane Troussel (@StephanTroussel) May 28, 2021

The structure was installed in the playground of the College Gisèle-Halimi in Aubervilliers (Seine-Saint-Denis). The artist began his performance on Tuesday, May 25th: he came out of his box that Friday afternoon under the astonished eyes of the establishment college students. “I can’t take it anymore, I only ate freeze-dried chicken!” Described the latter. The box in question was divided: Abraham Poincheval could have a bed high up, according to Le Parisien. “You have to organize things well, divide a little food into compartments and there it is, that is the challenge!” He said.

Photos with school children

Outside, the “box” was covered with mirrors: The performer could, however, observe the outside environment from his place. The goal: to make sure college students can take pictures with him.

Cultural event at the Gisèle Halimi College in Aubervilliers as part of the “Narcisse et le Selfie” project by the artist Abraham Poincheval. A participatory approach with the students, a first of its kind under the 1% artistic.

– Meriem Derkaoui (@Meriem_Derkaoui) May 28, 2021

Abraham Poincheval’s performance has been filmed live and continuously since Tuesday: The images were sent to the Documentation and Information Center of the Gisèle-Halimi-Kolleg: “The idea was to imagine what these young adolescents could perceive in such an object I am locked myself in for several days. I am happy to say that this object has finally become hers, “explained the artist.

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