in france, a man assaulted three police officers with knives and bullets

Paris, May 28 (AP) An unidentified assailant stabbed a policeman and then shot two other policemen in France on Friday, police said.

Authorities said the assailant had been apprehended. The exact reason for the attack could not be determined.

French national police said the assailant was seriously injured during the arrest. He’s identified.

Police said the three policemen were injured. However, no one’s life is in danger.

According to the police, the attacker took his weapon and fled after stabbing a policewoman at the Netes police station, in the suburb of La Chape-sur-Erdre.

French police deployed helicopters, sniffer dogs and more than 200 officers to locate the suspect. When the police went to apprehend him, he also opened fire on them.

AP joheb dileep


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