“In Podemos, women only ride if they hold a ponytail”


Updated: Monday, March 22, 2021 1:22 PM

Published on: 22.03.2021 12:51

PP MP Diego Movellán unleashed Minister Yolanda Díaz’s anger in Congress after making a macho comment referring to what her new role as third vice-president of the government will be.

“They talk a lot about equality in their party, and their own leader made it clear to us that women only come up the ranks if they hold a ponytail, which is why you are like the story of Rapunzel,” were the words spoken by the popular.

The Minister of Labor, visibly upset, reprimanded him: “I would like to start by asking the spokesperson for the PP to rectify his remarks, I think they are inappropriate for this chamber and show a clear exercise of machismo. to rectify your words. “

The deputy of the PP finally agreed to withdraw his remarks although, without repeating the sentence, he reaffirmed himself in what was said: “As he directly accuses me of being a macho, that I was not nor ever will be, in this matter, I have no problem withdrawing it because all Spaniards know how their party works. “

“I am very grateful to you because I sincerely believe that the citizens of this country deserve a better opposition, they deserve a better PP, and I am sure that you are able to do it, women do not deserve this treatment”, Yolanda Díaz settled down.

PSOE spokesperson Esther Peña also spoke and spoke in defense of the minister. “Our time in this government is that of equality between men and women, my compatriots from Atapuerca were more advanced. They are still in a very distant past where women always seem to have to apologize for occupying the spaces. that we also deserve. ” , he pointed out.

A few minutes later, Movellán again referred to the fight: “I’m sorry, Minister, that you felt attacked, it seems that here only irony and communist poetry serve, but when someone one ironically refers to the system of electing successors and Podemos candidates seem to create alarmism. “

“I am surprised that you who are so critical of the legacy of institutions and power and that you celebrate these appointments in this way,” he said.

Díaz again responded to the popular deputy, referring to a quote from Toni Morrison: “Macho and oppressive language does not represent violence. It is violence. And therefore it is intolerable in our lives. I wish that you had that in mind. It would be good for him to think about it and it would be good if the main opposition party treated women as this country deserves. “

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