“In Spain, politics is terribly underpaid”

Publication: Thursday, May 27, 2021 10:44

Felipe González assured in an interview with “El Hormiguero” that “politics is terribly underpaid in Spain” compared to the rest of the countries of the world.

“What I’m going to say will be a scandal, but in Spain politics is woefully underpaid. Compared to what they want, I don’t care. Compared to France, to Italy, to n “Any country in Latin America, this is not the case. possible, it does not matter,” said the former president of the government.

A few words that made Pablo Motos react, who stressed that “if he is poorly paid, it is difficult for the best to go there”. González denied this claim, assuring that the “you don’t go for what it pays you” policy.

“If you are in the civil service and compare them to someone who has the same obligation in the private sector, you would earn a lot more. Nobody accepts the civil service for what it pays,” said the former leader of the PSOE.

In the same interview, Felipe González opposed the possible pardons granted to the prisoners of the trial. “Under these conditions, I would not forgive,” he stressed, recalling that Sánchez declared that he would make his decision within the framework of the Constitution and the legal system.

In this context, he stressed that the Constitution does not authorize anyone to unilaterally break the rules of the game. He recalled that anyone who wants to change it has the means to try it legally.

In his view, the debate is not whether the pro-independence leaders repent or not, but whether they are prepared to abide by the legislation in force, both the Constitution and the Statute.

González rejected that, contrary to the arguments of the defenders of the trial, the independence movement should be tried because, if it is true, there would not be at this moment a government chaired by Father Aragonés “and composed only of independents “.

The former president also admitted that he has not spoken to Pedro Sánchez since the current PSOE leader introduced the no-confidence motion against Rajoy in 2018. When asked if he felt represented in the current PSOE, he affirmed that he felt “orphan” of the representation but not only by the PSOE, since it does not seek and does not find in the Parliament any speech of a political leader who can applaud.

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