“In the same street, there is another ship in the same situation”

Publication: Friday, December 11, 2020 10:47

The mayor of Badalona, ​​Xavier García Albiol, demanded “tools” to be able to intervene in the cases of squatted buildings like the one which suffered a serious fire on Thursday which killed at least three people.

In an interview with Antena 3, he warned that “500 meters away, on the same street, there is a warehouse in the same situation”: dozens of people live in the facilities in a precarious and dangerous manner. “If the city council is not authorized to intervene, we will be in the same situation as we experienced”, he warned.

“I hope it helps to see that municipalities need to be given the tools to act. Until that happens, we are exposed to a similar situation,” he said, explaining that “s’ there is no judicial authorization to enter and act, the only thing you can do is control from the outside and pacify the environment. ”

The mayor assured that from this Friday “they will dismantle the structure of the damaged ship” and that they will gradually reach the part which gave way and where “the firefighters could not reach” so “we do not know not if there is Body “.

Three dead and 25 injured, nine of them serious, is the tragic tally left by the fire in this building which had been occupied by dozens of immigrants for years, an event that brought to light the harsh living conditions of the people without papers and without housing.

The tragedy in this district of the Gorg district of Badalona has revealed to all the dramatic existence of undocumented immigrants, who, trapped in a circle of marginalization for lack of access to a job, must succeed in surviving . and get a roof.

Albiol assured that an administrative file was “opened” against the company that owns the ship: “I read the information on the identity of the owners in the newspaper, we opened an administrative file against the company, he told me. does not care who it is, they will have a share of the responsibility ”.

The truth is that this is not the first tragedy of these characteristics to occur in Badalona, ​​as the mayor recalled, in January 2019 a squatted apartment “which had pierced the light” caused a fire making two dead. “May they give us the instruments to act. Do not wait months and months to authorize the entry through the courts. This is real nonsense and nonsense. We cannot continue with such slow procedures, “he said.

Identify two of those who died: men aged 48 and 58

The Mossos d’Esquadra were able to identify two of the three deaths: one is a 48-year-old man of Senegalese nationality and another of 58 years from The Gambia.

As the Mossos report, the work carried out by the forensic science has already identified two of the deceased, while they continue to work to try to do the same with the third.

Catalan police said that one of the victims was 48 and another 58, while sources familiar with the matter told EFE that they were from Senegal and Gambia respectively.

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