In this country, a holiday declared in the name of a local dog, a 50-foot gold statue was made by the president – Turkmen President Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov ordered the national holiday to honor the local dog breed Alabai

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President Gurbanguli Bardimukkhamedov announced a national holiday in honor of the local dog breed in Turkmenistan. A 15-meter-high gold statue of dogs was erected to complement the Central Asian Shepherd Dog breed Alabai. Ashgabat, President of Turkmenistan
A national holiday has been announced to honor the local dog breed in Central Asian country Turkmenistan. President Gurbanguly Berdymukkhamedov ordered a holiday praising the Central Asian sheepdog breed Alabai. Each year, this festival will take place on the last Sunday in April. The same day was dedicated to the local horse breed in neighboring Russia.

President Gurbanguly has been in power since 2006
Bardimukhmedov has been in power in Turkmen since 2006. He has shown himself as the Arkadak or the protector of Turkmenistan. Turkmenistan, rich in natural gas, was previously part of Soviet Russia. In this country with a population of around 60 lakhs, animals have been of particular importance for centuries. The rural economy here also depends on livestock.

The president wrote books and songs about dogs
Gurbanguli Bardimukkhamedov has long been a favorite of the Alabai dog species which is native to the country and is considered part of the national identity of Turkmenistan. Gurbanguly has written many books and poems devoted to this species of dog. He considers this dog to be a symbol of success and victory. He once gave a genus of the species Albi as a gift to the President of Russia.

Also made a golden statue of a dog
In November 2020, President Gurbanguly also made a 15-meter “ gold ” statue of his favorite dog. The idol is built in the middle of the newly opened area of ​​the capital Ashgabat. This statue of the Alabai dog was unveiled by President Gurbanguly himself. The Turkmen government said the statue was made of bronze and a layer of 24-karat gold had been mounted on it.

15-meter ‘golden’ dog statue made by eccentric ruler of Turkmenistan
President Gurbanguly made his own golden idol
Turkmen President Gurbanguly also made his gold statue in 2015. On the one hand, the ruler of Turkmenistan opened the treasure for the dog, while the locals are forced to live in poverty. The condition of the independent press in the country is worse than in North Korea. The country’s economy is growing rapidly thanks to oil and natural gas, but only the rich benefit.

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