In UK people will get ‘Kovid passport’, work nearby to go to public places – Boris Johnson plans to test ‘Kovid passport’ to approve large programs

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson is set to announce a series of measures to open the lockdown imposed due to the Kovid-19, including the provision of an alleged ‘Kovid passport’ during the match and for a rally in a night club. The Prime Minister is expected to announce these measures on Monday.

At the same time, Johnson said in the post given on Easter Sunday that better weather is on the horizon after a tough year due to Kovid-19. The announcements made by the Prime Minister on Monday detail the experimental programs in the coming months. should be the plan, which will explain how these events will help people get to auditoriums, etc. which have been closed for almost a year.

The pilot program includes a Kovid Status Certificate, which is expected to be used during the FA Cup Final Cup to be held at Wimbley Stadium in London, with the provision of a certificate prepared on a smartphone app or on paper. to include. Johnson plans to remove all restrictions by June 21 as part of the action plan and is proposed to be tested by mid-May.

Cabinet Minister Michael Gov told The Sunday Telegraph that vaccination is a powerful weapon but it can never provide 100% protection. Therefore, all possibilities should be considered in order to get life back to its normal pace quickly and safely.

At the same time, Johnson admitted in the Easter post that the lockdown ban resulted in the celebration of the festival in a straightforward way, but hoped to end those restrictions in the coming weeks. He said the past 12 months have been tough but Easter has given him new hope.

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