In US, iguanas fall from trees as temperatures drop in South Florida: Chameleon may rain trees in US, experts warn

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Experts from the US State of Florida Meteorological Department have warned of chameleon rain from trees. The constant temperature in Florida drops very quickly and cold-blooded chameleons can fall from trees. Washington shoreline damage
Experts from the Meteorological Department of the US State of Florida have warned of chameleon rain from the trees. In fact, temperatures in South Florida are steadily dropping and cold-blooded chameleons can fall from trees. In South Florida, these chameleons continue to dig tickets here and there, causing extensive damage on the banks of canals and elsewhere.

These chameleons are now bringing a new crisis. The Miami National Weather Service has warned that temperatures are steadily dropping in the area, posing a risk of chameleon falling from trees. He tweeted and said: ‘Some of our chameleon friends are probably going to sleep tomorrow whether they have planned it or not. You shouldn’t be surprised to see them fall from the trees, as the temperature can drop significantly.

It is said that chameleons do not tolerate cold. Because of this, when the temperature drops, they lose consciousness and it seems that they are not breathing. Some chameleons have adapted to withstand this changing temperature and they burrow and stay near water where the temperature generally remains high. According to the University of Georgia, there are more than 3,000 chameleons in the area.

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