In which communities is it easier to start a business in the post-Covid era?

Freelancers Choose: In Which Communities Is It Easier To Start A Business In The Post-Covid Era?

One year after the start of the global health emergency caused by Covid-19, the ProntoPro Observatory conducted a survey of Spanish workers registered on, the portal that brings together the supply and demand for professional and artisanal work. , with in to find out which region of Spain is currently easier to open or manage a business and where it is more difficult to do so.

Thus, more than 500 professionals and owners of small and medium-sized businesses of the different categories available on the platform, from plumbers to lawyers, psychologists, painters, electricians to personal trainers, were consulted on factors such as the perception of the support received from local and national government institutions, tax regulations, working conditions, bureaucracy and expectations for the future.

Difficulties to undertake

This second edition of the study reveals that 58% of self-employed people find it difficult to open and manage a business. For their part, 61% of those consulted consider that the support of the national government is still insufficient, while 52% consider that the support received by local institutions is insufficient.

As for the causes of these obstacles to entrepreneurship, a major obstacle seems to come from the tax system. According to the ProntoPro Observatory, 62% of the self-employed consider the country’s tax system to be inefficient.

However, and despite these results, 57% of those questioned affirmed that they had expectations for the future and defined themselves as optimistic about the development of their company; and even 55% consider that their billing will remain stable or increase in the coming months. In this regard, the study observed that, among those consulted, men are 9.6% more optimistic than women about the future of their work.

Madrid, Catalonia and the Valencian Community, the best regions to run a business

The data from the study indicate that Madrid, Catalonia and Valencia occupy the podium of the best communities to start or manage a professional activity. A result which is mainly due to the wide range of existing training programs and the greater digitization of processes.

For their part, Galicia, the Canary Islands and Castilla y Len are, according to the study, the regions most unfavorable to opening or managing a business after the Covid-19 crisis, because they do not benefit from not sufficient government support. . local, as well as the obstacles encountered in making the transfer to the workplace. It should be noted that the lowest score in Galicia is found in the support received from the national government, while the Canary Islands attribute it to the limited supply of training courses and Castilla y Len to the difficulty of developing the work. In the region.

The impact of Covid on the self-employed

According to this survey, 51% of professionals claim to have suffered a drop of between 50% and 75% of their turnover last year. For this reason, 6 in 10 freelancers were forced to seek government-provided help, receiving only 2 in 10 people.

In this regard, it should be noted that for 60% of the total number of respondents, this type of subsidy is not effective in compensating for losses, while 56% consider that the information on the accessibility of the subsidy is insufficient. In addition, 54% of the workers consulted affirm that the government has not optimally managed the health emergency that we are still experiencing.

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