Incidence is skyrocketing and increasing by more than 100 points this weekend with the most COVID infections in the entire pandemic

Publication: Monday January 18, 2021 18:39

The Department of Health has reported 84,287 new infections and 455 deaths from COVID-19 since last Friday. This is the highest number of infections recorded in a weekend since the start of the pandemic.

The accumulated incidence also continues to skyrocket in this third wave with 689 cases, exceeding for the first time 600 infections per 100,000 inhabitants and increasing by more than 100 points compared to Friday. In total, there are already 2,336,451 infections and 53,769 deaths in Spain from the coronavirus.

The director of the Center for Alerts and Health Emergencies, Fernando Simón, assured that the increase in cases could subside in the coming days and affirmed: “We are at the top of this third wave. In principle, we are there. we reach maximum peak. We could already start the plateau or descent phase “.

However, the situation is really worrying in Spanish hospitals. This weekend, 3,527 more people had to be hospitalized because of COVID. In total, there are 23,184 people in the department, exceeding the number of hospitalized patients in the second wave, which occurred on November 9 with more than 21,000 patients admitted.

In percentages, the occupancy rate of the plant has increased from 15.69% on Friday to 18.61% today and the occupancy rate in the ICU is already close to 33%, after increasing by more than three points this weekend. In addition, there are five autonomous communities with an occupation by COVID patients of more than 40%: the Valencian Community, La Rioja, Catalonia, the Balearic Islands and Madrid.

Even with a bottom-up case framework, the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, has not ruled out the implementation of new measures, such as the advancement of the curfew, although for the moment the government has refused to order house arrest.

“We are always open to listening and improving the tools, but do it well, with the maximum of guarantees, all together”, declared the minister in an interview with Al Rojo Vivo.

However, he is convinced that Spain can curb the third wave of COVID in “a week”: “We think we have a few days left, maybe a week still lasts for an increase in cases, but we believe that with the measures underway by taking them, by applying them well, we are going to overcome and break this third wave, ”he decided.

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