Inclusive growth becomes a long-term strategy for businesses

Inclusive growth becomes a long-term strategy for businesses

.- The Business Observatory for Inclusive Growth (OEPCI) held its IV Conference “Inclusive Growth. In search of shared prosperity ”with 20 renowned professionals to demonstrate a challenge: that it is possible to“ do business ”without leaving anyone behind, an invitation to discover people and institutions concerned by the most pressing social challenges , and willing to seek solutions from their professional work.

The conference, which took place in an online format with a live broadcast from the Open Value Foundation in Madrid, reached a conclusion in which all attendees agreed: Inclusive growth becomes a long-term strategy for companies. companies and in a real commitment to alliances.

The Observatory was created in 2015 to promote the leadership of the company in the promotion of a more equitable economy. This year and coinciding with its fifth anniversary, the companies that constitute it with the CODESPA Foundation wished to support those working for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with a specific proposal: “inclusive growth”, a concept t is not very rooted in Spain, which enables companies to tackle the challenges of sustainability with a practical approach, starting from the needs of society, generating decent work and distributing the benefits of prosperity in a more equitable way.

Mara ngeles Len, President of the Open Value Foundation, was responsible for presenting the actions of Marc Simn, Deputy Managing Director of Fundacin “la Caixa”, and Antoni Ballabriga, Global Head of Responsible Business at BBVA.

During the morning, the opportunities offered to companies were discussed with the measurement of the social impact. Concha Iglesias, principal partner for sustainable development and climate change at Deloitte Spain, underlined “the need to build a measurement framework that meets the expectations of regulators, the needs of companies and society”. And he added: “We are facing a unique opportunity, where all stakeholders are aligned and are complicit in the opportunity.” Miguel ngel Ario, from IESE Business School and Ramn Baeza, from Boston Consulting Group, responded to this need by presenting the Prosper4All tool, a joint initiative of the CODESPA Foundation which is in its pilot phase. Ario underlined “the opportunity that Prosper4All offers companies to discover their areas of progress in the service of society”. Since then, as Baeza commented, “the S (Social) tends to be the big forgotten in ESG (ESG) criteria”.

A long-awaited moment of the morning was the dialogue between Colin Mayer, professor of management studies at the Sad School of Business at the University of Oxford, and Jordi Canals, professor of strategic management and economics at the IESE Business School. Mayer said: “50 years ago, the purpose of business was to make money. Now market regulation is important. Today, the aim of businesses and enterprises is to solve problems, to produce solutions ”.

Lidia del Pozo, director of community investment programs at BBVA and a regular participant in the observatory’s working meetings, supported the presentation of her fourth annual report, the result of months of research. The post was also commented on by Armando Nieto, president of Divina Pastora.

“A gold mine at the heart of the company”, an expression often used by the group of professionals who work at OEPCI and which refers to the company’s ability to contribute to social improvement from the heart of its business , was the title of a round table made up of five professionals: M Jess Prez, director of the Social Capital Foundation; Mara Escribano, Head of Sustainability at Alsea, and Cristobal Coln Palas, Psychologist and Entrepreneur, who told the wonderful story of La Fageda. Elena Martnez, Deputy Director General of Fundacin CODESPA, and Fernando Riao, Director of Sustainable Development of Ilunion.

A group of companies participates in the OEPCI which generously provides other companies from all sectors with a platform for learning and disseminating good practices. They are BBVA, Divina Pastora Seguros, Fundacin “la Caixa”, Open Value Foundation, Fundacin UNIR, Fundacin KPMG and Sener. For their part, IESE Business School and Boston Consulting are involved in research and development lines, as well as Arquia, as a collaborating company. At the observatory, they hope that many more will join the project. From today, they start to choose the subject of their fifth survey.

The conference was realized with the support of ICEX Espaa, Cooperacin Espaola, Ilunion and Arquia. Ramn Areces Foundation.

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