Inclusive, technological, contactless … it’s Nawaiam, the perfect tool for corporate gamification


Inclusive, technological, contactless … it’s Nawaiam, the perfect tool for corporate gamification

Discover the features of the Nawaiam multitool, a perfect application to perform all kinds of work-level processes through the game

BY RRHHDigital, 02:45 – 04 February 2021

In the era of digitization, games have become a perfect tool for carrying out different processes in the workplace: selections, training, evaluations … What we call gamification has become a trend that is constantly progressing in all areas. ranks of the world. , from large companies to small SMEs, so numerous in our country. And it is that the development of people through play offers many optimal benefits.

And here we are talking about Nawaiam, a perfect multitool app for HR especially when it comes to selecting top talent. Although the objective of your application is very strong and very clear when it comes to defining the purpose (to search for talent in an efficient and innovative way), Nawaiam is a tool that has many advantages. To be technological, digital and human. Find out about its main features and what makes it the most complete gamification application for human resources:

Including. Nawaiam is a game that doesn’t judge or rate based on race, gender, or personal appearance. It works on the “blind test” system, thus generating a very authentic and real freedom during the game. Technological. Nawaiam envisions distributed data management and algorithms on the gaming platform and on the dashboard. These platforms organize and personalize research, making it more efficient. Convenient. Nawaiam allows, by its characteristics, to save time in carrying out research, time in the selection of profiles and therefore allows significant cost savings, and to be very competitive in this sector. Without touching. Today, being digital natives allows them to take care of distances, to respect spaces. Take care of us. Nawaiam can be played anywhere, it is an app that you download and play. Innovative: the use of the tool in HR departments is a message in itself. For candidates and the internal team. It is a tool that promotes innovation as a concept, the constant search for new technologies or new ways of finding solutions. Social. Above all, what inspires, what motivates, is knowing that the field of action is “played out” in people. All efforts are aimed at improving people’s working life. Gamifiers. A trend that makes life easier for the world. Using the game as a channel to develop the product makes them more interesting and helps them achieve their goals faster and in more innovative ways.

Nawaiam is a multi-tool, but on its own, it’s nothing. It is completed and personalized with the HR teams of each company, and it is there that he is made responsible. Each company has its culture and Nawaiam promotes this difference, diversity.

Try the Nawaiam experience. They will be waiting for you eager to create a new team.

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