Inclusive, united and responsible teambuilding … Here is the Magic Line San Juan de Dios

Inclusive, united and responsible teambuilding … Here is the Magic Line San Juan de Dios

More than 15,000 people, entities, companies and institutions participate each year in the solidarity mobilization of San Juan de Dios.

The Magic Line San Juan de Dios is a solidarity mobilization in which thousands of people participate and a very important part of the participants is made up of business teams, which promote solidarity, social commitment and teamwork.

The Magic Line belongs to everyone and for all, and businesses and organizations are a key part of bringing the solidarity of the Magic Line as far as we have done so far. The mobilization began in 2014 and since then, more than 1,900,000 euros have been raised, with which more than 230 social programs have been financed. In total, around 70,000 people participated and more than 10,000 participants were business teams.

The Magic Line promotes sport with values, with ethical, responsible and sustainable criteria, and in favor of social inclusion. In this sense, with the Magic Line, we walk hand in hand with the Sustainable Development Goals, focusing our work on improving the lives of people who live in vulnerable situations, whether for economic reasons. , sanitary or social.

Companies that participate and are involved in the Magic Line find and experience a way to promote teamwork, healthy habits and improved professional and personal skills, as well as pride and a sense of belonging to a company. business that involves social change. .

Companies can participate in several ways: by building teams and walking; sponsor of the Magic Line; disseminate the initiative.

In 2021, the Magic Line will experience a special edition adapted to the restrictions imposed by the Covid-19. The march will take place for the first time on the same date (May 30) for the 3 cities in which it is organized: Barcelona, ​​Palma and Valencia. The Magic Line APP will have a special role, which will energize and serve as a link for all the teams, which this year will walk on free tours from anywhere in the world.

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