Incoming Solar Storm: How Solar Storms Affect Humans, Can Solar Winds Affect Earth

A powerful solar storm born from the surface of the Sun is heading towards Earth at a speed of 1,609,344 kilometers per hour. This solar storm can hit Earth anytime on Sunday or Monday. Scientists have warned that satellite signals could be cut off due to the storm. Its effect can also be observed on aircraft flight, radio signals, communications and weather.

Strong light will be seen at the poles at night
According to the website, a solar storm originating from the Sun’s atmosphere can have a significant impact on a region of space dominated by the Earth’s magnetic field. Those who live in the northern or southern latitudes can expect to see beautiful aurorae at night. The bright light observed at night in the sky near the poles is called dawn.

Storm moving at a speed of 16 lakh km
The US space agency NASA estimates that these winds are moving at a speed of 1,609,344 kilometers per hour. He also said his speed could be even higher. Experts say if the great storm returns from space, then almost every city on earth could run out of power.

What will be the effect on Earth?
Due to solar storms, Earth’s outer atmosphere can be heated, which can have a direct effect on satellites. It may cause interference with GPS navigation, mobile phone signal and satellite TV. The current in power lines can be high, which can also cause transformers to blow. However, this is rarely the case as the Earth’s magnetic field acts as a protective shield against it.

The solar storm also happened in 1989
The 1989 solar storm caused a 12-hour power outage in Quebec City, Canada, and millions of people suffered. Likewise, in 1859, the most powerful geomagnetic storm, which destroyed the telegraph network in Europe and America. During it, some operators reported receiving an electric shock, while others reported using their equipment without a battery. The Northern Lights were so bright that people in Northwestern America could read newspapers at night.

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