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Insomnia and Depression: – The problem of insomnia and depression is increasing day by day. People in the Corona era are becoming victims of this problem because they are free. It can be removed with simple tips.

Insomnia and depression are on the rise due to excessive use of mobiles and sleeping during the day. People do not sleep late at night and spend most of their time on mobile. Because of this they have to face this problem. Which can be overcome by some simple remedy.

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Do not fall asleep during the day

Because the corona is free during the period, people fall asleep after eating during the day. This daytime sleep causes insomnia at night. Along with this the problem of weight gain also increases. Because of sleep during the day, sleep does not occur at night. That’s why they spend their time on mobile. Watching mobiles for hours at night also affects their eyes and a variety of things come to mind. That’s why you shouldn’t sleep during the day. If absolutely necessary, you can take a nap. But he did not sleep so much that he could not sleep at night.

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Use mobile when needed

Some young people and people have started using mobile excessively. Whether it works or not, he stays engaged in mobile all day long. Do not leave the mobile until late at night. Even when sleeping, most people keep their mobile phone nearby and look at it again and again after even the slightest tone of voice or ringing of a bell. Because of this, they do not get enough sleep and they suffer from depression. It also affects their body and mind. In such a situation, they also leave many important tasks. His mind also gets irritated. This problem also hinders their physical and mental development. Because of this they also become victims of depression. That is why everyone should use mobile as much as they want. Using a mobile without working is not beneficial for the person.

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Listen to music-

You feel like you are suffering from insomnia and you are getting depressed. So listen to your favorite music. This will make you fall asleep faster. Your attention will also be focused and you will also avoid frustration.

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Go for a walk-

You have enough time. So make good use of it. Walk in the morning, go for a walk in the evening. This will keep your body healthy and you will also get good sleep. Because when you do physical activity, your body will get tired and it will lead to automatic sleep. This will also help you to avoid insomnia and depression.

Eat a nutritious diet

During the Corona period, people spend time at home. In such a situation, they should take care to eat and drink. First of all, do not eat fried throat and food stored in the fridge. With this, avoid overeating. Since you are at home, food is becoming harder to digest. In such a situation, eat nutritious food and eat as much as you can digest at home. This will keep your body healthy and you will not get any kind of disease.

Must sleep 8 hours-

You need to make sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep a night. If you want to get up early in the morning. So that’s how you set your bedtime at night. So if you get enough sleep, only if you get enough sleep, you will be healthy and you will not face any problem.

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