Increase and requalification, two key trends in companies to achieve better HR performance

Increase and requalification, two key trends in companies to achieve better HR performance

The Spanish labor market is slow to adapt to the digital revolution. “Many companies already suffer from a significant professional deficit when it comes to filling certain positions that require workers with significant technological capabilities, which considerably reduces their chances of survival,” Nexian experts explain.

Today, many businesses are faced with a difficult dilemma. On the one hand, to address the reinstatement of workers who have been affected by one of the ERTEs of force majeure, or who have been confined to occupations without a future. On the other hand, to integrate new essential professionals, with profiles and skills much more digital than those selected so far.

“Many companies are forced to initiate layoffs while launching selection and hiring processes, two issues that greatly compromise a company’s profitability,” added the same sources.

Faced with this situation, the RH Nexian company has embarked on a professional retraining. According to him, “the most effective option is to optimize internal talents with new skills better suited to current needs (skills development) or to train them in new areas of performance that are completely different from those achieved so far. (requalification). ”In general, it is said that the former creates more specialized workers, while the latter involves a complete retraining which qualifies for a position of new definition and which is mainly motivated by technological change.

In fact, according to the World Economic Forum’s report The Future of Jobs 2018, which brings together the opinions of HR managers at multinationals, points out that by 2022, automation could eliminate up to 75 million jobs globally, while 133 million will be created. New professions. .

“Many times the solution to the lack of adequate professionals is to promote internal teams with ad hoc training plans, which enrich the company, also promote a learning culture, motivate employees with the possibility of changing positions. post. Depending on their interests and assets, ”they add to Nexian.

With the right tools and the right training, internal talents can become key players in their fields, increasing motivation and reducing onboarding and initial training costs. “At Nexian, we help companies define their specific strategy and support managers to promote this cultural change in their business. For this, it is necessary to involve employees in the change of role assigned to them by the new organization chart, laying the foundations for meeting the challenges of the future ”, conclude the experts from this HR company.

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