Increase in the supply of and demand for free training following the health and economic crisis

Increase in the supply of and demand for free training following the health and economic crisis

The employment information site SepeCcursosGratis is expanding its annual training survey for 2020. The study reveals such surprising data that training has increased on average by 220% and health courses in particular by 432%.

The CEO of, Roger Plaza Ruiz, affirms: “It is good news in the bad situation that we are going through. The situation in Spain and the rest of the world is unpleasant and negative in all respects, but I I love to see how citizens want to use their time to train and prepare when there is a job again. “

An interactive information library

And does the web provide an interactive library with all available and updated information on training, how to use and legal procedures in public institutions, such as SEPE or social security.

It is divided into several sections, among which you can find Sepe courses by provinces, grants, aids and benefits, among others. Users point out its great user experience, due to the great work done in the mobile adaptation (the so-called Responsive) that the official state websites lack and the high loading speed it has, thus making it easier to navigation.

So much so that the growth the aforementioned portal has experienced this year has exceeded all expectations of its CEO: “We are surprised by the growth of our website this past year. It is a big compliment to our work and we understand us. that we are on the right track as dozens of emails arrive every day thanking us for providing the information necessary to resolve your issues ”.

Solve user problems and needs

The idea of ​​founding this project was conceived because of the problems that the creators encountered firsthand years ago when it was they who tried to access the free training but could not find the facilities that they needed. ‘they were waiting on outdated official websites.

“5 years ago, I was unemployed and tried to find training to take advantage of the time while I found work. What surprised me was how poorly the state websites were optimized for mobile phones. At that time, in 2017, 84% of users They were already doing their research on Google with a mobile phone, and today this percentage is even higher. So we understand that it doesn’t make sense to have a website that is not suitable for mobile phones. It’s as illogical as being a large brush In addition, our site includes people of all ages, many of whom have vision problems and there is a need to provide a font size that anyone can read. Our goal is for everyone to feel comfortable in sepecursosgratis. es “.

Another important feature or service of this portal is a mailing list in which they report all the news regarding courses, employment, grants and state benefits.

People who seek this information already have a predisposition to be trained, which leads them to actively seek training. According to the opinion of industry experts, the problem with which they find themselves is that the most popular courses have limited places and are ending soon. Users began to demand a notification service, with which they could be informed of new launches, almost in real time. Hence the success of the subscription service in which two weekly e-mails are sent with all the news from the portal, completely free.

The immediate future of will continue to be marked by helping its users by solving the countless problems that certain websites present, and by bringing them all together in one portal to have the information available when needed. Currently, they are preparing new sections in which users can receive even more value and get more out of it, such as with the new entrepreneurship section or even with a training-oriented area outside of SEPE.

“We believe our site is poised to grow and deliver value in other areas, never leaving our beginnings behind and continuing to update, but expanding into other categories. only one section and we want to have a good base of articles before we launch the product. I have to remember that each section of has at least 1000 handwritten articles, and it takes time. But it will be available to everyone very soon, ”they conclude from

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