Incrementis exceeds 390 hours of virtual training in the midst of a pandemic

Company training has always been a fundamental necessity for those who wish to offer their workers added value in the performance of their duties. And that’s it, a motivated and engaged worker with the organization is much more productive.

However, the current crisis situation plaguing the country due to the arrival of COVID has meant that there is a before and after in how businesses must cope with their daily work remotely and redirect their focus. training plan to see how to convey it. in order to adapt to this new reality.

The change in the training model. The challenge also for trainers

For all organizations, having to change and offer virtual training to all employees who work from home has become a challenge. And, although technology is very present in our lives and COVID19 has accelerated digitization, there are still a large number of companies who are struggling to accept the quality of digital training.

In addition, this new scenario was also a challenge for the trainers. In Incrementis, with 11 years of experience in the market offering specific training tailored to each case and also has a large portfolio of companies as clients throughout Spain, startups, multinationals and companies from all sectors , they also affected this change.

For them, this situation has become an opportunity to change their face-to-face training model and adapt it remotely. So much so that in 2020, the company completed a total of more than 396 hours of training on all the training courses it offers in virtual format by live interactive videoconference.

“This has helped us position ourselves as a market benchmark when it comes to adapting face-to-face training to live videoconferencing training. And it is that, thanks to our training sessions, which before the pandemic were 100% face-to-face and have now become almost 100% virtual, and in a very dynamic and practical format and with great acceptance by participants, We are helping to improve leadership and results orientation, among other objectives, allowing a large number of companies to emerge much stronger from this serious situation ”, explains David Com, director and trainer of Incrementis.

Direct solutions to improve work habits

The methodology used by Incrementis is based on a very specific, dynamic and pleasant training, based on the fully active participation of the participants. Focused on learning and assimilating clear and simple concepts, the training sessions guide company employees through practical exercises on how they should think and act on a daily basis and in their professional responsibilities.

Company training

Aware that each company has different needs which must be met with a specific methodology, Incrementis offers companies “in-house training” in their working environment with objectives and content adapted to their specific operating issues. According to Com, some of the most discussed cases during these sessions are, for example, improving team leadership, making more efficient use of time and emails, becoming more proactive, making better decisions or how to make the most. Make the most of business meetings.

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