India Afghanistan news: Asharf Ghani India Relations says Taliban won battles, we will win war

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Afghan president put an end to rumors of demand for military aid from India Ashraf Ghani says – India is the biggest participant in Afghanistan’s development The Afghan president’s firm attitude towards the Taliban , said – we will win the war in Kabul
Afghan President Ashraf Ghani called India a true partner in the development of his country. The day before, he had spoken a lot to Imran Khan about relations between Pakistan and the Taliban. The Afghan president also spoke about his relationship with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Referring to the lingering tension in Afghanistan, he said Afghan forces had prevented the Taliban from moving forward. At the same time, expressed sorrow over the death of Danish Indian journalist Siddiqui.

Afghan army halted Taliban advance
In an interview with The Hindu, Ashraf Ghani said Afghan security forces prevented Taliban militants from advancing in towns and border crossings. He also acknowledged that the Taliban have taken important positions in Afghanistan in recent days. Ghani said he would keep the doors to talks open with Pakistan and the Taliban.

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Ashraf Ghani wants a political settlement with the Taliban
Expressing sorrow over the death of Indian journalist Danish Siddiqui, the Afghan president said the situation may have to be rebalanced to win the war militarily. The great goal of our government is to achieve a political settlement in Afghanistan, so that peace in the country can be maintained for a long time. He stressed that he wanted to avoid the fate of countries like Algeria, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen, where the conflict continues to this day.

Winning the battle is not winning the war. The Taliban won the battle, but they will lose the war. … and we made our decision.

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani

This answer was given when Western countries turned their backs
Indian journalist Suhasini Haider asked if Western countries have abandoned you? He also referred to the sudden departure of the US military from Afghanistan and the statement by the British Secretary of Defense. In which the British Secretary of Defense said Britain was ready to talk to the Taliban if they came to power in Afghanistan. On this Ashraf Ghani said no, no, I don’t agree. We have relationships with them.

Taliban on their knees due to US-Afghan army’s tough stand – will find political solution for peace
What did you say asking for military aid from India?
The Afghan president has vehemently refused to ask India for military assistance against the growing Taliban attacks. He said India is a “real partner” in the development of Afghanistan. It is our job to defeat the Taliban. The days of using coalitions or international forces in Afghanistan are over.

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“What does Afghanistan want from India?
He was asked what you expect from India at the moment …. Has Afghanistan sought any military support? What Ashraf Ghani said not now. India has been a notable partner. I have the best relations with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. They are smart. They did not ask us for anything that would involve the sacrifice of our interests in the short, medium or long term. India is a true friend.

Sincere praise for India
Ashraf Ghani praised India and said it is the country with which we have a positive trade balance. What India stands for is the Salma Dam, the Parliament. Now, construction work on the Shahtoot Dam and transmission line is also underway. India is booming. We want to be part of the huge change that India is witnessing in terms of leadership of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

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