India Against Terrorism by Pakistan: India Against Pakistani Terrorism at the CHR: India has brought Pakistani terrorism to the fore

India slammed Pakistan for abusing the malicious propaganda platform against New Delhi and told the UN Human Rights Council that Pakistani leaders themselves saw it as a base terrorism. At the same time, India also called on Pakistan, facing poor economic conditions, to stop government-sponsored cross-border terrorism. India said Pakistan should end the institutional violation of the human rights of its minority and other communities.

Pawan Kumar Badhe, the first secretary of the Permanent Mission of India in Geneva, said: “Pakistan, a country in poor economic condition, receives good advice to stop wasting the time of the council and its system, to stop government-sponsored cross-border transfer. terrorism and human beings. “Prevent institutional violation of rights.” Responding to a statement by Pakistan’s representative at the 46th session of the Human Rights Council, Badhe responded by exercising his right of reply under item 2 of the agenda.

Badhe said: “The members of this council are well aware that Pakistan has paid a pension to the feared and enlisted terrorists with government funds and has the highest number of terrorists on the United Nations list.”

‘The leaders see terrorism as a base’
The Indian diplomat noted that Pakistani leaders have accepted the fact that “it has become a base for terrorists”. The Indian diplomat said: “Pakistan has ignored the fact that terrorism is the worst form of human rights violation and supporters of terrorism are the biggest violators of human rights.”

Badhe said the council should ask Pakistan why the number of its minority communities such as Christians, Hindus and Sikhs has declined since independence and that they and other communities such as the Ahmadiyya, the Shiites, Pashtuns, Sindhi and Baloch have been accused of blasphemy. Why were they accused of blasphemy? deal with tougher laws, systemic harassment, blatant abuse and forced conversions.

“ The OIC does not have the right to comment on Kashmir ”
The diplomat said: “Those who denounce the system face disappearances, extrajudicial killings and arbitrary detentions in Pakistan and all of this is done by state security agencies without fear of sanctions.” India also rejected the Organization of the Islamic Conference’s statement on Jammu and Kashmir and said it did not have the right to comment on these issues.

The Indian diplomat said: “We reject the reference to the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir in the OIC statement. He has no right to comment on issues related to Jammu and Kashmir, which is an integral and inseparable part of India.

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