India and China contribute to regional prosperity, moment of choice for Pakistan: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani criticized Pakistan

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The President of Afghanistan, Ashraf Ghani, has told Pakistan enough about regional unrest that Pakistan has time to choose between chaos or peace. The Afghan president said India and China are important factors in regional prosperity.
President of Afghanistan Ashraf Ghani fiercely recounted Pakistan in an interview with international media. He said the time has come for Pakistan to choose between peace or chaos as all of its assessments have so far been wrong. Ghani also cited China and India as an important factor in regional prosperity.

“Fortunately Pakistan does not want the Taliban government”
Ghani said in an interview with CNN’s Farid Zakaria that orally Pakistani leaders fortunately recognize that they do not want a Taliban government in Afghanistan, but prefer to see a peaceful, stable and democratic government in a country torn apart by war. The interview aired on Sunday.

Afghanistan is important to Pakistan’s prosperity
He said we are important to his prosperity. In a stable and united Afghanistan, the growth rate can be up to 2%, we have to work together. He said: “Therefore, there are two options … Join Central Asia through us, become partners in common prosperity through partnership for peace, gain international credibility and the support they have. need or choose anarchy. ”

Gani said – Pakistan will suffer the most from war.
Ghani said Pakistan would be the country to suffer the most damage due to insecurity or a new civil war in Afghanistan and that in this case it would be a proposal for defeat. The President of Afghanistan said it was time to choose Pakistan. All of his ratings are wrong.

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