India attacks Pakistan at HRC for human rights violations reminds Turkey of UNSC resolutions on Cyprus: India reminds Turkey of Cyprus proposal at Human Rights Council meeting of ONU

Strong points:

India criticized Pakistan at the United Nations Human Rights Council meeting. India also reminded Turkey of the UN resolution on Cyprus. The Turkish foreign minister raised the Kashmir issue and extended restrictions to Geneva.
India criticized the lies spread by Pakistan and Turkey at the UN Human Rights Council meeting. The Indian representative not only condemned international forums for carrying out baseless and malicious propaganda, but also advised to take a look around their perimeter before giving lessons on human rights. Let us know that Pakistani Minister of Human Rights Shirin Mazari made a lot of false accusations about India during the UN Human Rights Council meeting. Apart from that, the Turkish foreign minister also talked about easing restrictions in Kashmir while supporting Pakistan.

India encircles human rights
In exercising its right of reply in response to the statement by the representative of Pakistan at the 46th session of the Human Rights Council, India said it was not surprised that the Pakistani representative had to new abuse of the United Nations Forum. Seema Pujani, second secretary of the Permanent Mission of India in Geneva, said Pakistan’s continued abuse of various forums for baseless and malicious propaganda against India is nothing new.

Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh are an integral part of India
He said that the entire Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh is an integral part of India. The measures taken by the government to ensure good governance and the development of these union territories are our internal affair. He also said that among the countries with the world’s worst human rights record, the country had glimpsed India before pinpointing it.

India raised Cyprus issue by showing Turkey mirror
India has bluntly asked Turkey not to interfere in internal affairs. The Indian spokesman reminded Turkey from Cyprus that there too the United Nations made a proposal, which has not been followed up so far. In fact, Turkey has occupied much of Cyprus. What he does not leave even after the intervention of the United Nations.

The truth told to the world about the condition of minorities in Pakistan
Highlighting violence, institutional discrimination and oppression against minorities, including Hindus, Christians and Sikhs in Pakistan, Pujani said there were frequent attacks on religious places of minorities. He said that the condition of women belonging to minority communities, especially Hindu, Sikh and Christian communities in Pakistan, is pathetic. According to a report recently released by the Pakistan Human Rights Commission, around 1,000 women from minority communities are abducted and forcibly converted, and then forcibly married.

Turkey raises the Kashmir issue again at the UN, what does Erdogan want?
India also raised the issue of repression in Balochistan
India also touched on the political repression of Balochistan and other parts of Pakistan, causing people to disappear, detain and arbitrarily torture them. Pujani also condemned Pakistan on the issue of giving shelter to terrorists. India also condemned Turkey’s remarks on its internal affairs and called it “totally unacceptable”.

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