India-based Youtuber Karl Rock visits Pakistan Ram Temple and shares his story Watch Video: Indian YouTuber has arrived in Pakistan’s ‘Ram Mandir’, an incredible historical saga seen on video

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Karl Rock, a YouTuber living in India, is walking around different places in Pakistan these days. After traveling to all the states of India, Karl made himself known by Pakistan, Karl Rock released his new video, in which he is Ram Islamabad. tell about the temple of Kund
Carl Rock, a YouTuber living in India, visits several places in Pakistan these days. After having traveled to all the states of India, Karl is now bringing the world to the world through the neighboring country of Pakistan. Carl Rock recently released his new video. In this he speaks of the historic temple of Ram Kund. This story of Ram Mandir in Pakistan is much appreciated.

This video of Carl begins with the whole experience of the Ram Temple, its location and its history. Karl says in his video: “Namaste, Salaam Walekum Friends”. He said he misses his family very much and that he was making this video for him. Karl, who is married to an Indian, has lived in India since 2013. His wife Manisha Malik is from Haryana.
Pakistani kid gave such answer about India, will bring you smile
Lord Ram stayed here during exile
The Ram Kund temple in Pakistan is located in the city of Saidpur among the green hills. Karl said that there is a belief that Lord Rama stayed here with his mother Sita, brother Lakshman during his exile. He also praised the Pakistani government’s efforts to repair parts of the temple to preserve history. He said that before the partition, Hindus from all over the country used to come here.

Carl speaks Hindi from Rock Farratte and has also written a book on learning Hindi. Recently he had taken an interview with a Pakistani child which went viral. The response of an 11-year-old Pakistani child captured the hearts of the internet. YouTuber Carl Rock, who has made videos of trips to India and countries in Southeast Asia, is in Pakistan these days. Karl aka Rock, originally from New Zealand, came to India in 2013 and since then has become a fan of Indian culture, people and food. He is married to the young Indian Manisha Malik and lives in Delhi. His videos are very popular.

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