India caught Chinese soldier for the second time on the shores of Pangong, the dragon has softened, said – the way was lost young – Indian army captures a pla soldier near the southern shore of the lake Pangong Tso, Global Times Says India Expected To Return Soon

India captured a Chinese soldier after crossing the border near the southern shore of Lake Pangong amid lingering tensions in Ladakh. Security agencies are on high alert after a Chinese soldier was arrested in Indian territory for the second time in the past three months. After that, the Chinese government media, which threatened India again and again, softened the tone of the Global Times. The Global Times wrote that this PLA jawan accidentally crossed the LAC and reached Indian territory.

Chinese media quote – both countries talk
Quoting Chinese military officials, the Global Times wrote that the two countries are discussing the situation after the capture of the Chinese soldier. He also said that we learned that the PLA jawan had been captured on the Indian side. Since then, talks between the two sides have continued.

Behave according to protocol
It is said that the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) soldier came from the Indian side of the Line of Effective Control (LAC). Where soldiers stationed in Indian territory took him into custody. Sources said the captured PLA soldier is being treated according to established procedures and an investigation is underway into the circumstances in which he crossed the LAC.

India also caught Chinese soldiers in October
Also earlier in October, the Indian army captured a Chinese soldier Wang or Long in the Demchock region of Ladakh. He served in the Chinese army with the rank of corporal. Then, Chinese media outlet Global Times reported that he accidentally crossed the border looking for the yoke. However, the Global Times did not explain why the Chinese soldier came close to the yoke during his service.

The soldiers are stuck in freezing cold
At present, around 50,000 Indian Army troops are deployed in combat readiness conditions to various mountainous locations in eastern Ladakh in sub-zero temperatures. Despite several rounds of talks between the two parties, no concrete results have been found to break the deadlock. China has deployed an equal number of troops. Last month, another round of diplomatic dialogue was held between India and China under the Mechanism of Action (WMCC) for consultation and coordination on Indochina border issues.

The solution did not come even after eight rounds of talks
The eighth and final round of military talks between the two sides took place on November 6, during which the two sides discussed at length the withdrawal of troops from the points of conflict in the mountainous region. India has always maintained that China has a responsibility to reduce tensions at points of conflict in the mountainous region and to advance the process of troop withdrawal. After the sixth round of military talks, the two sides announced a series of decisions not to send more troops to the forward area, to unilaterally change positions on the ground and to refrain from actions that would further complicate the things. .

Discussions are also continuing at the diplomatic level
This round of talks takes place on the sidelines of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) conference, a specific program to explore ways to implement the five-point agreement between Foreign Minister S Jaishankar and his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi at a meeting in Moscow on September 10 Took place with. The consent included the rapid withdrawal of troops, refraining from any measures that would increase tensions and following all agreements and protocols relating to border management.

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