India-China border dispute: India has faced maturity after the worst border crisis with China in decades

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Foreign Minister Harshavardhan Shringalakha visits France, Germany and UK – India is heavily facing a decades-old border crisis with China. Paris mentioned two incidents that occurred
The border dispute between India and China has been the most tense situation this year. Violent clashes between the armies of the two countries took place in eastern Ladakh. In addition, constant tension was observed. The cold has also started to increase in the Ladakh region, but Indian troops are maintaining high military positions to keep an eye out for China’s nefarious activities. Meanwhile, Foreign Minister Harsh Vardhan Shringla’s statement came out on the Indochina border crisis. He said India had shown absolute resolve and determination in the face of the decades-old border crisis.

Foreign Minister Harshvardhan Shringla said on Thursday India had faced full tenacity and maturity with decades of ‘worst crisis’ on its border with China, despite the virus outbreak Corona. In his speech during a program organized in a large Parisian think tank, Shringla also referred to two recent terrorist incidents in France. At the same time, the world must act firmly to eliminate the threat of terrorism.

The foreign minister said India and France face the same non-traditional security threats as fundamentalism and terrorism. Today’s fight is not against a particular community or individuals, but against a radical politico-religious ideology. Referring to Pakistan’s cross-border terrorism, Shringla said India was constantly watching over its western border. Shringla arrived in Paris for his three-day tour of France, Germany and Britain.

The Foreign Minister said: “Our accelerated challenges have not distracted us from the strategic goals of the border, especially in the Indo-Pacific region, where we are moving at different stages to have an open and inclusive framework with a purpose” .

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