India China Border News: Xi Jinping orders army to prepare for combat Combat training started by PLA near Ladakh

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The Chinese president ordered the military to be ready for war at all times, Raheshi Jinping gave this order at a time when the tension with the United States, India, the Chinese president said the army should be deployed in the event of a real war Training to be done
The Chinese President and the Supreme Commander of the Three Armies, Xi Jinping, have ordered the People’s Liberation Army to be ready for war at all times. Xi Jinping gave the order at a time when China’s tensions with the United States and India are at their peak. The Chinese president said the military should speed up preparations for war. He said the military should now be trained to deploy in the event of a real war.

The Chinese military has launched vigorous maneuvers near the Indian border in Tibet on the orders of the Chinese president. Chinese troops from Shigatse’s military sub-command began training for the real war in Tibet. This exercise is done at an altitude of approximately 5000 meters. The official Chinese Bhopu Global Times posted a video of this preparation. It seems that the Chinese military is training to fight the real war. Meanwhile, Chinese soldiers fire shells and practice occupation of enemy territory.

Xi Jinping urged the military to be very careful
President Xi Jinping has called on the military to be very vigilant as the new amended law to extend military powers in China comes into force from this year. The Central Military Commission along with ruling Communist Party of China (CCP) leader Xi Jinping (67) signed the commission’s first order for 2021 which listed training priorities for the PLA and the People’s Armed Police. . The CMC is the high command of an army of 20 lakh soldiers.

In this new order, the armed forces have been instructed to take Xi Jinping’s thought on socialism as a guiding principle with Chinese specialties in the new era and to follow Xi’s ideas in terms of strengthening military and military strategies. According to news from the China Daily official newspaper, it was said that the CCP will increase its advice on training the army, and also called on the military to focus on improving its combat skills and improving its system. training.

“ The APL must be ready to act at all times ”
The first such order was issued in January 2018 when Xi tackled an extensive training program at a shooting range in northern China. According to the Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Past, as the military began its first training and military exercises of the year on Monday, Xi said the PLA should be ready for “ any action. moment ”. The newspaper quoted the Chinese president as saying, “(PLA) should include new tools, new energetic power in training and combat systems.” ‘

Xi became commander-in-chief at the end of 2012 and has since repeatedly stressed the importance of combat readiness training and joint operations for the armed forces. In his order this year, he said the military should train its officers and soldiers in the real war scenario, pay more attention to research on war and military operations, do more emergency exercises. , be on alert so that the soldiers can undertake any military action. Always be ready for

Xi Jinping tells army to be ready for war

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