India: China brutalized again after Galvan, with Indian soldiers yearning for pain without shooting

The use of several deadly new weapons in Ladakh has been revealed against Indian soldiers in the Chinese army who attacked Indian soldiers with barricades in the dark of night in the Galvan Valley. A Chinese international affairs expert claimed that the Chinese PLA army issued extremely deadly radiation causing rays to push Indian troops back into eastern Ladakh. If this is true, then this is the first instance of this weapon against an enemy army in the world. In contrast, Chinese experts claim that after this attack without firing a single shot, Indian soldiers withdrew from two peaks. All about this very deadly Chinese dragon weapon …

“ The soldiers start to struggle with great pain and discomfort ”

Professor Jin Kanrong, of Renmin University in Beijing, the Chinese capital, said that microbe rays are used in this deadly weapon from China. As soon as he is hit, the soldiers start to have severe pain and a lot of difficulty staying. Analysts believe that the use of these weapons is done in the same way as conventional weapons such as firearms. According to the 1996 treaty between India and China, the use of these lethal weapons is prohibited. The Chinese military, which could not break the morale of Indian soldiers even after the brutal violence of Galvan, used this cruel weapon against Indian soldiers.

“ Chinese occupation of two peaks without firing ”

According to an article in the British newspaper The Times, Professor Jin claimed to have used the microbial weapon during a conference. He claimed that with the help of this weapon, China captured two such peaks that Indian soldiers captured without firing any shots. Jin said, “We haven’t made it public much because we have solved the problem in a very nice way.” He claimed that India had suffered a lot. Jin said the Chinese soldiers used the microweb weapon from the bottom of the hill to Indian soldiers sitting at the top of the summit.

‘Indian soldiers started to turn around in 15 minutes’

Jin claimed that after 15 minutes of using the microbial gun, the Indian troops began to back down and had to leave the summit and retreat. The Times said it was the first instance in the world to use such a weapon against its enemy army. In addition to China, the United States has used weapons with electromagnetic radiation. This Chinese weapon can not only force humans to suffer, but also destroy electronic and missile systems. These weapons are also called direct energy weapons. Some countries use web sound instead of electromagnetic radiation. Previously there had been speculation about the use of these weapons in many other countries.

Laser, ‘attack’ on US embassy in China, Russia and Cuba

In 2016, officials at the US Embassy in Cuba complained of vomiting, nosebleeds and restlessness. After this case it was known as Havana Syndrome. The sound weapon is said to have been used in secret against US authorities. U.S. officials have also reported similar incidents in China and Russia. He said he was facing such a problem in some rooms of the embassy building. Let us tell you that the round of negotiations is underway to resolve the impasse in Ladakh between India and China. According to sources, the withdrawal of the army has been largely agreed between the two countries, although it has not yet been announced.

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