India China Clash in Sikkim: China refuses to clash in Sikkim, Indian media targets hooliganism – China refuses to clash in Sikkim, attacks Indian media

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China has denied the clash between soldiers in Sikkim, targeting Indian media. The GidarbhakkiReports reported that on January 20 the two sides clashed
China has categorically denied the clash between Indian and Chinese soldiers at Naku La in Sikkim. China’s official media outlet Global Times called Iso “factually incorrect.” It was very difficult when Chinese experts shouted at India, warning that irresponsible and habitual rumors from Indian media would end up harming India’s national interests, especially at a time when both sides were working. on military handicaps. Huh.

The Global Times wrote that Indian media reported on Monday that a clash between Chinese and Indian soldiers took place in Naku La on Friday in the northern Sikkim border area, injuring people on both sides. It was even claimed that at least 20 Chinese soldiers were injured. The Global Times revealed from one of its sources that the news was false because there is no record of the incident in the frontline patrol newspaper of the China People’s Liberation Army (PLA). .

Both sides focused on the 9th round of negotiations
The Global Times further stated that our source said that in recent times the main military commander on both sides has focused on the ninth round of talks at the senior commander level, not on a new border conflict. Both sides have not been involved in such conflicts reported by Indian media.

When she sang in Sikkim, China began to sing the melody of peace, teaching India
China cited Indian army
The Global Times wrote in its article that the Indian Army also later gave an explanation that a minor face-off had taken place in the Naku La area of ​​northern Sikkim on January 20 and that the commanders had resolved it immediately according to protocol. “Media are urged to refrain from overplaying or exaggerating information which is factually incorrect,” the Indian Army statement read.

Clashes in Sikkim: Chinese soldiers want to infiltrate Naku La again, army gives dignified response
There was news of a skirmish between soldiers in Sikkim
Let us tell you, there was news on Monday that Chinese soldiers attempted to infiltrate Naku La, Sikkim. When the Indian soldiers tried to stop them, there was a clash on both sides. Soldiers on both sides were also injured. The situation is being recounted at this time. Weapons were not used in this whole skirmish. The military said in its statement that a small skirmish took place on January 20, which was controlled by local commanders in accordance with protocol.

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