India China dead end: epidemic in Ladakh, harmful move to Arunachal, China has created 3 new villages on the border – China is setting up 3 villages near the Arunachal Pradesh border 5 kilometers from Bum La Pass amid tensions with India in Ladakh

China is now preparing to open a new front in the northeast, after defeating India in Ladakh. China has established three new villages near the Arunachal Pradesh border. According to satellite photographs, the place is located about five kilometers from the Bum La Pass, near the border between India, China and Bhutan. Not only that, China has also settled people in these villages. Explain that China has already claimed this area.

China has built three new villages on the Arunachal border
According to the NDTV report, China has established at least three villages on the Arunachal border. China’s new build could be an important step towards strengthening its territorial claims along the Arunachal Pradesh border. Let us know that China keeps talking about not recognizing Arunachal Pradesh over and over again. Even during the 1962 war, China occupied much of the region.

Open China with satellite photos
The report states that based on the February 17, 2020 photographs from Planet Labs, at the time, only one village was inhabited in the area. In which about 20 houses with red roofs are seen. The second photo from November 28, 2020 shows more than 50 houses, as well as three new enclaves, which are located at a distance of one kilometer from each other. An all-weather open road was also built to connect them.

(Photo- @detresfa_)

Building villages on the border is China’s old trick
According to the report, China Brahm Chellani said China was using tactics to install pro-Han Chinese and Tibetan members of the Communist Party along the Indian border to strengthen its border claims and increase border infiltration. . is. China has also used this strategy to occupy the South China Sea. But, then, he used Chinese fishermen to capture civilian resources.

China also built a village on the lands of Bhutan
A week ago, satellite photos revealed that China had established two villages in Bhutan’s land. The region of Bhutan in which China established new settlements is located just 7 kilometers from the site of the Doklam confrontation in 2017. China built this land on the Amo Chu River in Bhutan.

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