India China deadlock Latest news: China says disengagement of Chinese and Indian troops in Ladakh is going smoothly: China says process of withdrawal of Chinese and Indian troops is going smoothly on eastern Ladakh border

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China Says – Chinese Foreign Ministry maintains silent silence on withdrawal of Indian and Chinese troops withdrawing militarily from fronts in Pangong area, saying – ask military, there are Indian and Chinese armies in many parts of Ladakh for the last nine months Face to face
The process of withdrawing Indian and Chinese forces from the north and south sides of Lake Pangong Tso in Ladakh continues. The two countries are evacuating the advanced areas on the basis of mutual consent and moving towards the rear military bases. Meanwhile, the Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a statement indicating that the withdrawal process of Chinese and Indian troops deployed on the front line along the eastern border of Ladakh is proceeding smoothly. At the same time, it was hoped that the two countries would work together to achieve this goal.

Both parties will achieve the goal together
Asked about the progress in the troop withdrawal, Hua Chunying, a spokesman for the Chinese Foreign Ministry, said the Allied process was going smoothly. We hope that both sides will make concerted efforts to achieve this goal. Hua also said that Front Front troops withdrew simultaneously and systematically on both sides, as agreed in our several rounds of negotiations.

No response to complete withdrawal of troops
He said that we hope both sides will take into account the agreement reached between us (between the two countries) and the agreements between us to ensure the complete withdrawal of the troops. When asked about the deadline for the withdrawal of the soldiers, he said that I did not know of any specific deadline. You can ask the military.

On February 10, the Chinese Ministry of Defense gave information about the agreement
Let us tell you that on February 10, a Defense Ministry spokesperson and Senior Colonel Wu Qian issued a brief press release announcing that Chinese and Indian troops stationed on the front of the southern and northern shores of the lake Pangong in the east Ladakh began to retreat simultaneously and systematically.

Ladakh remains deadlocked for nine months
Significantly, after remaining deadlocked at the border in eastern Ladakh for nine months, the forces of the two countries reached an agreement to withdraw from the northern and southern shores of Lake Pangong. The agreement provides for the withdrawal of troops stationed on the front lines of the two countries in a progressive, coordinated and verifiable manner.

Photos were released by the Indian Army
The Indian army posted short videos and photos on Tuesday. These can be seen by the Chinese army reducing its troops around Pangong So (lake) in eastern Ladakh and destroying its bunkers, camps and other facilities. The video shows the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) using bulldozers to flatten some structures. In addition, it also shows Chinese soldiers preparing to retreat with equipment and vehicles. The process of withdrawing troops began on Wednesday last week.

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