India China deadlock Latest news: Chinese military PLA returns from occupied area to Pangog, see satellite images

The Chinese military is now rapidly withdrawing from the Lake Pangong region amid tensions in Ladakh from April to May. Satellite photographs have confirmed that China is leaving its army’s forward location and moving to the Sirijap base, as agreed with the Indian military. Not only that, China has also abandoned several temporary constructions in the Finger-4 and 5 zone. However, the Indian military is constantly monitoring China’s cheating policy.

Chinese army lagged behind in satellite photos

According to satellite photographs from Maxar Technologies, several Chinese military outposts on the north side of Pangong Tso have been raised. These PLA constructions were visible at the end of January. The two countries agreed to withdraw Saina from near Lake Pangong after talks at the commander level days earlier. There was a distance of less than 300 meters between the posts of Indian and Chinese soldiers in this area.

China had to withdraw from the region

China’s Defense Ministry reported on February 10 that India and China were withdrawing their respective armies from the northern and southern shores of Lake Pangong Tso, based on the consensus reached at the 9th round of military-level meetings. After that, Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh also told parliament that after the deal, the two countries were pulling out to reduce tensions. A review meeting will also be organized on this process. India has nothing to lose in this deal, while China will have to withdraw from an important area.

Why is Pangong Lake important?

The 3,488 km Line of Real Control (LAC) crosses most of the land, but Pangong Lake is unique. Here, the borders of India and China are in the water. India and China have different claims about where the LAC crosses this lake. Pangong Lake sits in the middle of the approximately 826 km long LAKE that falls into eastern Ladakh. It is a long, deep and landlocked lake (surrounded by land) located at an elevation of over 14,000 feet. The 135 km long lake extends over an area of ​​over 604 km2. Sometimes its width can reach 6 kilometers. Strategically, this lake is important because if China wants to invade India, then it has the possibility of taking the road to Chushul and the lake falls in its path.

What is the finger area in Pangong Lake?

There are deserted hills on the north side of the lake. The spurs from these are called “fingers”. According to India, the LAC finger is up to 8 although its control is up to 4 finger only. China’s border crossings are on Finger 8, but he claims that LAC goes through Finger 2. A few years ago, China attempted to make a permanent build on Finger 4, which was lifted after strong objections from the ‘India. Bharat Finger has patrolled up to 8 but this patrol is on foot. In May of last year, the two armies clashed in the Finger 5 area.

What was the situation here so far?

From April to May, China deployed its army to Finger 4. A permanent India post is located near Finger 3. In response to China, India also deployed a large number of troops to the tops. Soldiers from India and China also found themselves face to face on the south coast.

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